Wedding Prop Shop: Old Bikes!

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but my husband has been obsessed with auctions lately.

He goes to one or two each week, and always comes home with the most amazing stuff. Stuff that I picture brides using as centerpieces or wedding props.

A few of my favorites?

3 old bikes that he picked up for less than $50 a piece.

I love retro anything basically, but there is something really cool about old bikes. 

And my husband knows me too well, because the first thing out of his mouth after he brought them home was that they would look so cool in wedding photos.

How cool would it be to have your entire wedding party on bikes riding down the street? I can see it in my head right now…

Here’s another cool shot from OnceWed:

Love it. The basket is adorable.

Let me know if you wanna borrow some old bikes for your wedding photos… who knows how many we’ll accumulate in the next few months 🙂 

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