Theme Thursday: Summer Camp Inspired

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Today’s post will bring a hint of summer into your day, because today’s theme is Summer Camp Inspired! 
As a kid I only went to summer camp one time, but I spent almost every summer that I can remember around the bonfire or at the lake camping with my family. 
Those were great times that bring back wonderful memories, and I can totally see why people would want relive those memories with their wedding.
There is so much fun you can have with this theme: s’mores as favors, a big bonfire for your guests to cozy up around, campfire songs with an acoustic guitar, wood grain features and hints of plaid and turquoise… can you picture how amazing it would be? 
I can, and I love it. 



Doesn’t that bring back fun memories of summer? 
I know I’ll be dreaming of bonfires and starry nights now. 


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