Theme Thursday: Hometown Carnival

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There’s something I love about carnivals – maybe it’s memories of the carnivals my elementary school would have way back when (I ALWAYS won a goldfish) or maybe its my high school summer nights spent at the fair. It might be my lovely friend Lindsay’s circus/carnival themed wedding last summer.

Whatever it may be, there is a lot of fun to be had with a hometown carnival themed wedding. The colors alone are enough reason for me to love it, and the stationary ideas are endless.

And you could have a photobooth which guarantees hours of fun for you and your guests!

Here are some fun ideas:

How fun would it be to have a ferris wheel at your wedding?!

Have a great Thursday – and don’t forget about the giveaway! 

Links: 1.Tom Tomkinson  2.Michael Segal Photography  3. Ida Sjöstedt 4. Jamie Hammond 5. Jamie Hammond 6. Ryan Price. 7. Linzie Hunter 8.Krakora Studios  9. Christa Kimble

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