Theme Thursday: Cozy Plaid Inspired Wedding

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My obsession for plaid started this fall when I first saw the first picture on this board (#1).. I mean, come on.. how gorgeous is that couple, and how cute are they?

With this photo as my inspiration, I bring you a plaid theme with hints of vintage jewelry and woodgrain.

This is the perfect theme for a laid back, wintery wedding with spiked hot cocoa at a ski lodge. One thing I love about this theme is the color palate –  I usually try to soften my themes up with a lighter color or two, but this theme is perfect for bold colors that work together to create a cozy palate.

I would get married again just so I could have that garter…



Can’t you just taste the hot cocoa? Yumm.

Links: 1. Photo By: Shannen Norman 2. Necklace from BHLDN 3. Photo From: Cupcake of the Day 4. Photo From: Seasonal Love on Tumblr  5. Ring From: Erie Basin 6. Photo By: Sea Studio  7. Photo From: Ciara Richardson 8. Photo From: Pinterest 9. Photo From: Martha Stewart Weddings  10. Garter from BHLDN 11.Photo From: M Stetson 12. Photo From: Classy in the City 13. Photo From: Habitually Chic

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