Theme Thursday: Apple Orchard

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I’m not a ‘red’ sorta girl – I think I only have one article of red clothing and it’s a pair of jeans. Oh and plaid red flannel.

But there’s something about this red hued theme that I’m loving – maybe its because I love trips to Wisconsin with the husband to go apple picking, maybe its because I love homemade applesauce – but this vintage-y apple orchard wedding looks super fun.

Who cares about wedding cake when you can serve homemade mini pies to each guest?

Finish off the day with favor CDs wrapped in custom kraft CD sleeves. Lots of fun.

Images: 1.Noony Art  2. Rylan Perry 3. Harrison Studio 4. OnceWed 5. Tara Guerard 6. Megan Dandeles Photography 7. Megan Dandeles Photography 8. Free People Bldg 25 


2 Comments on Theme Thursday: Apple Orchard

  1. Kelcy Hanson on Facebook
    August 30, 2012 at 8:04 am (10 years ago)

    Why didn’t I think of getting married in an apple orchard?!? I love it!


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