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Cake Love

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I love finding amazing wedding cakes.

And not just wedding cakes – wedding cupcakes, wedding pies and wedding cookies, too.

No matter what dessert you choose to share with your guests on your wedding day, how it looks is almost as important as how it tastes.

There are so many fun new trends in wedding cakes, there is definitely one out there that fits your wedding style to a T.

Here are just a few drool-worthy cake and treat trends that I’m loving right now. 

Many Cakes:

Why have just one wedding cake when you can have 5 or 6? Multiple one-layer wedding cakes allow you to test out different flavors, frosting and designs. I love how they mixed and matched patterns and colors along with leaving a few just simple white. Now THAT is a cake table.

Cakes by  Cakery

Statement Cake:

If you are going to go with just one cake, why not go all out? These cakes from Magpies make a statement. They look too good to eat! Layers of fondant petals, ruffles, butterflies and beads create such a decadent look, your guests will be impressed for sure. 


Cupcakes with a Cake Topper:


I think the long standing tradition to save the top layer of your cake for your one year anniversary is so sweet, Justin and I did and it was kind of a special moment for us. At our wedding we were so busy running around and having fun, the only cake we got to taste was one bite of a cupcake as we shoved it in each other’s faces. And actually, even though it had been frozen for an entire year, it was still the most delicious cake I’ve ever had.

I love this idea – cupcakes for the guests and a small 8 piece cake topper for you and your hubby to be to take home with you for your first anniversary. Cupcakes also allow you to be creative with the frosting and liners, plus you don’t have to worry about extra plates and forks. 

Cake and Cupcakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co

Pies to Go Around:

Another adorable idea: Lots of different pies.

This alternative is perfect for DIY weddings or picnic style weddings, and it allows all the guest to choose their favorite. Plus, there’s got to be an AWESOME pie recipe passed down through the generations of your family somewhere, and how sweet would it be to use grandma’s special recipe on your big day? Plus, you could easily make these yourself and I can’t get over the little pie type markers stuck right in the pie. So cute.


There are so many things you can do when it comes to wedding cake, just find one that fits your wedding style and budget. 


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