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Now Taking Suggestions for Theme Thursdays!

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Hello there lovely!

Each Thursday I’ve been creating a new theme with an inspiration board
and color palate to go with.

They have all been themes and colors that I’ve dreamed of for the past few years,
and I think it’s time to get you involved!

What is your wedding theme?

What themes have you been dying for me to create?

What colors would you like to see paired together?

It’s up to you, share your Theme Thursday desires and I’ll feature them on the blog!

Leave your theme ideas in the comments below the post, and thanks in advance for your help.

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Theme Thursday: NYC Inspired!

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Happy Happy Thursday!


I can barely contain myself right now. In 8 hours I will be boarding a plane to the city that never sleeps – NYC baby!
This is my first trip to the Big Apple, and it is going to be a life changing experience for sure. I am attending an event called Rich, Happy & Hot Live, which is the live event that goes with the Rich, Happy & Hot B-School course I took this summer.
B-School was the best investment I have ever made in myself, it changed my way of thinking and allowed me to decide that I can do what I love – talk about weddings!
I don’t even know how RHH Live is going to change me and what I am going to come back with, but meeting my 2 favorite bloggers, Marie Forleo & Laura Roeder, along with Russell Simmons and the President of Branding at Virgin will honestly be priceless.
In honor of my trip, the blog this week has had an NYC theme – I shared a little bit of Justin Timberlake and the Plaza Hotel and NYC Public library. The theme this week is also NYC inspired.
Most of my inspiration came from Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC wedding – glam and gorgeous.
I hope you like 🙂
Those cupcakes look to die for, right? Yum.
I’ll be posting some pics from my trip over the weekend!
Links: 1. Photo from  2. Photo from 3. Photo from 4. Photo from 5. Photo from 6. Photo from  7. Photo found on  8. Photo by  Elizabeth Messina 9. Photo from The Jason Groupp 10. Photo from  Karen Wise 11. Photo found on Pinterest
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Theme Thursday: Vintage Gothic

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I am so excited about today’s post because it’s not a theme that I just dreamt up, it’s a friend’s wedding vision.

So much more fun to create an inspiration board with a purpose. 

I’m loving this theme because it’s dramatic and vintage and absolutely lovely.

The black and white details with a pop of deep red create such a gorgeous color palate.

And vintage lace is my favorite. 

Gorgeous, right?

What’s your favorite part?


Links: 1. Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz 2. Photo by Emily Steffen 3. Photo by  docuvitae 4. Photo by Megan Thiele 5. Photo by NK Photography 6. Photo found on Pinterest  7. Photo from HI Bridal 8. Photo from  Sweet and Saucy Shop 9. Photo found on Style Me Pretty 10. Photo found on Style Me Pretty

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Tips for Fun, Personalized Engagement and Wedding Photos

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I am stunned with the way wedding photography has evolved over the past few years. 

It used to be just poses with the family, the bride and groom in the poorly lit church and pictures of their hands awkwardly placed on top of each other.

Basically a nightmare for the bride and groom because everything was over-posed and the smiles were forced. 

 Now, wedding photography has turned into a really fun part of the day that the bride and groom look forward to.

There is creativity, color and realness in the photos now; they show who the bride and groom really are and what types of personalities they have.

Also, photographers are picking up the little details that made the day personalized. I love this idea because while you remember the big things about your wedding day, you sometimes forget about the small details that made your day yours. 

While the family poses are nice, its lots of fun to look back on pictures that bring back the amazing memories of the best day of your life, and you can laugh at the fun poses you did and get butterflies when you see the sensual pictures of you and your hubby sharing special first moments as husband and wife.

Here are a few poses that I am in love with:

Pretty Little Details:


Photo from


I love this photo idea because it shows both the rings and the shoes – two things every bride obsess over when it comes to their wedding day. 



Photo from





Photo from

Photo from

Photo from
















Use of props in photos add a ton of fun and add personality to your shots. I love adding balloons, bikes, pennants and anything else that can personalize your photos. 

While some of these are engagement shoots and not wedding shots, I love the idea of themed photoshoots. Take something that you and your hubby love to do and capture it with photos. 




Photo from


Photo from








I love the idea of finding an old brick wall or an old building to use as a backdrop for your photos. It adds a little bit of texture but still focuses on the most important thing in the picture – you.


 Shoe Shot:

Photo from

 This was the only photo I had to have taken at my wedding. A shot of our shoes. I don’t know why I love this so much, I just think it is so adorable. 


Different perspectives:

Photo from

Photo from

Photo by Clayton Austin


Photo by Clayton Austin

Anyone can take a shot of your face, I love these photos that are just of the neck down. Different perspective and you can focus on details other than your faces, like bouquets, shoes, attire or props. 


What do you think? What photo is a must have for you?  


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Theme Thursday: Earthy Inspiration

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Theme Thursday is here again!

Today’s theme is an eco chic earthy wedding.

I love shades of green and brown together, along with either a stark white or a slightly off white.

Gorgeous and clean, and you can incorporate branches, seeds and a great woodgrain texture.



1. Picture from Style Me Pretty 2. Invites by Alee & Press 3. Photograph by Jonas Peterson 4. Picture from Style Me Pretty 5. Photo by  Scott Townsley 6. Picture by Rae Leytham 7. Image from Style Me Pretty 8.Image from Style Me Pretty 9. Image from Style Me Pretty

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Fun Ideas for Wedding Programs

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I just got done making programs for Lindsay and James’ wedding and had so much fun with them.

I’ve found that programs almost come as an afterthought, many couples forget about them until just a few months before the wedding. There are so many cute things you can do with your programs, and with a little planning and good design, they can be a great keepsake.

Here are a few that I’m loving:

Fan Programs, Photo by Marianne Wilson Photography.

I LOVE the sewn paper and button on this one. Perfect for a homespun country wedding. Design by Sweet Life Designs.

How fun would this be for a program + favor? Chipboard cd holders with your favorite love songs, along with a program insert. Perfection. Design by Mae Mae Paperie.

How adorable are these? Felt program pouches! Super simple to make too – Martha Stewart shows you how here.

Not quite sure where I found this, but it’s an adorable alternative to programs. Or, if you have enough vintage handkerchiefs for your wedding size, you could have them custom screen printed and hand them out to each guest at the ceremony.


What’s your favorite? Have you seen any to-die-for programs lately?

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Theme Thursday: Sophisticated Style

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Wedding Style in a Week: Rochelle + Rob

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I am so excited to debut my first Wedding Style in a Week Inspiration Board! 

Rochelle was the first person to sign up for my email list and complete Wedding Style in a Week – a 7 day program that will help you find your perfect and personalized wedding style

When the week is over, I will create a color scheme and inspiration board for you!

You can sign up here.

Rochelle + Rob


Click here to sign up for your own custom inspiration board!


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