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Theme Thursday: Vegas Baby!

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Hello loves!

I’m going to be totally honest… I’m not 100% sold on today’s theme.

I’m more of a vintage, rustic, soft colored wedding girl, so a Vegas wedding kind of goes against what I dream about.

And the spontaneous Vegas wedding – definitely not for me… I’m the opposite of spontaneous.

In fact – Justin and I are planning on being spontaneous and getting tattoos in Las Vegas – we have the tattoos we want picked out, the place we want to get them at picked out and we even researched the artists to see which person we would want to have do ours – that’s how spontaneous we are.

BUT, as you are reading this I am on a jet plane on my way to spend the weekend and Justin’s 27th birthday in Sin City, so I thought a Vegas themed wedding was only appropriate.

You could have lots of fun with this theme – put a vintage glam feel on it with deep reds, feathers and neon lights.

It has potential, right?

Wish me luck on the penny slots! Haha.. do they even have those in Vegas?


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