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Idea of the Day: Drawers

| Inspiration, Vintage, Wedding Ideas

As you know, I’m in love with all the little details of weddings.

One detail I love: Drawers.

Using drawers in your wedding decor is a great way to add some visual interest height to your displays, and they work perfectly for holding wedding programs, candy, flowers and other details of your day.

Perfect, aren’t they? I know the bottom two are shown in homes, but they would both be perfect pieces displayed in your venue.

What ideas do you have for using drawers in your wedding? Share them in the comments below.

Links: Column 1:  Simply Rosie PhotographyMy Bride Story via Green Wedding ShoesAnthropologie | Column 2: Style Me PrettyMurray Mitchell

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Theme Thursday: Vintage Keys

| DIY, Theme, Wedding Ideas

I’ve been envisioning this post ever since I saw some save the dates with keys on them in a DIY book.

A wedding day with a key motif would be perfect for a romantic and vintage style wedding – with a gold guilded cake and a perfectly messy updo, I’m loving how this theme has the perfect amount of rustic + pretty.

Aren’t those pink satin bows adorable? I love em.

Happy Thursday!

Links: 1. Carlea J Photography 2. Wit + Delight, 3. Vera Wang 4. Julie Harmsen via The Wedding Chicks via Elizabeth Anne Designs} 5.  Things Festive 6. Highland Bakery via 100layercake 7. Latest Hairstyles 8. AE Pictures Inc. 9.  Katie Headley via United With Love 10.Twin Hearts Photography

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Theme Thursday: Wine Country Wedding

| Inspiration, Theme, Wedding Ideas

Happy Thursday Dolls!

As a former server and bartender at a wine focused restaurant for years, I know my wine pretty well. I’m dying to plan a trip to California or Italy and visit some vinyards.

And so, today’s theme is wine country. With deep, rich hues and wood details, this would be a fairy tale wedding.

Isn’t it lovely? I can just picture a gorgeous outdoor affair – both for the ceremony and reception with tables among the vines.


Links: 1.Mi Belle Inc 2. Flickr 3. Bliss Event Productions 4. Meg Perotti via GreyLikesWeddings 5. Wedding Chicks 6. Eye Heart Pretty Things 7. BHLDN 8. Millie Holloman 9. The Knot 10. Martha Stewart 


Music Monday: Ours

| Music, Wedding Ideas

I’m not gonna lie to you – I like Taylor Swift. She’s fun + she’s real + she’s adorable.

Plus my sister drives me by her apartment whenever I visit her in Nashville, so I feel like I have some sort of inside scoop with her.

Today’s song is one of Taylor’s newer ones – Ours.

My favorite line is the chorus – and I like it mainly because the things people say can bring you down, but really as long as you’ve got love, nothing else matters.

So don’t you worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine
And life makes love look hard
The stakes are high, the water’s rough
But this love is ours

Here’s the video, it’s pretty cute.

Happy Monday!

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Mildly Obsessed: Feathers

| Inspiration, Life, Mildly Obsessed, Wedding Ideas

Lately I’ve shared with you some of my current obsessions – arrows, birds + boho – and today’s edition of Mildly Obsessed doesn’t stray to far from those themes.

Feathers have been on my mind, and I’m loving everything about them – especially as details in everyday life.

Here are some of my faves:

Aren’t they lovely? I’m not above tattooing a feather on my body. They are just so beautiful.

Links: Column One (Top Down) 1. via Onedayisaw 2. via Tinywater Photography  3. via Favim| Column Two (Top Down)1. via BHLDN 2. via Old Navy| Column Three (Top Down)  1. via swoon events 2. via ThinkYogurt 3. via 4. via


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Music Monday: Maybe I’m Amazed

| Life, Music

Today’ s Music Monday may make you laugh, it may bring back memories of watching every episode of the OC on Thursday nights way back when.

The song is Maybe I’m Amazed (The Jem version) and it was played on the last episode of Season 1 of the OC at Caleb and Julie’s wedding.

Justin and I got out all of our OC boxed sets last year and rewatched them all, and I have to say it was a fun little blast from the past. So fun that I’ve been watching season one episodes again at any chance I can get. Seriously my most current guilty pleasure.

My favorite line from this song:

Maybe i’m amazed at the way you pulled me out of time,

You hung me on the line.

Maybe i’m amazed at the way i really need you.

Here’s a clip from the OC episode:

 Haha, did this bring back memories for you? 

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Mildly Obsessed: Arrow Typography

| Inspiration, Mildly Obsessed, Wedding Ideas

Ladie (and gentlemen), I have an obsession to confess.

I’m in love with arrows. Bow and arrow arrows – tiny + thinly drawn or incorporated into type.

I gotta admit, it may have something to do with my slight obsession with the Hunger Games… but that’s normal, right?

And I think they could be a super fun thing to incorporate into your wedding day stationary.

How adorable would an arrow motif be? You could carry it throughout your decor by adding arrow touches here and there in your decoration.

Or adding an arrow into your monogram somewhere? Adorable.

So dreamy. I would even get a pretty little arrow tattooed on my body. Love em.

What do you think? Would you use an arrow design in your wedding stationary? 

Links: Column One (Top Down): via MichaelCarey;  via Pinterest; via wit+delight; via Miles of Light; via MiniatureRhino |  Column Two (Top Down): via ellothere; via tumblr ; via rileycran; via KevinStanleyHarris| Column Three (Top Down): via Branding 10,000 Lakes; via In Haus Press

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Theme Thursday: Vintage French Inspired

| Inspiration, Theme, Wedding Ideas

Today’s theme is inspired by French pinks and grays with a vintage feel.

I’ve never been to Paris, but I’d love to travel to Europe someday just to experience the lovliness and snap photos along the way.

For this theme, black and white accents with swoops, swirls and lace are perfection. A pale pink dress paired with Chanel wedding shoes is to die for.

Customized pink lemonade bottles as favors would be super adorable.

Oh, and I have a big announcement coming on the blog later today! Make sure to check back for the details.


Links: 1. Via Oh So Beautiful Paper  2. Via ZZ Photography & Design via Wedding Chicks 3. Via Wedding Chicks 4. Via Ruffled 5. Via Jeremy Harwell via Style Me Pretty 6. Via the Met  7. Via On To Baby 8. Via Gourmet Traveler 9. Via Pink Lemonade Design


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DIY Project: Centerpiece Container from An Old Book

| DIY, Giveaways, Inspiration, Real Weddings, Wedding Ideas

Today I’m sharing a really fun DIY project with you – A centerpiece container made from an old book!

For Christmas my sister gave me the book The Repurposed Library and I finally decided to do one of the projects from it for another blog I contribute to (The Machine Shed Everyday Moments Blog).

This would be a really cute addition to your tablescape at your wedding or can be used around the house to keep office supplies or kitchen utensils in.

Here’s the tutorial.

You Will Need: 
– A Hardcover Book (about 1.5 in. deep, 9.5 in. tall)

– Wood Shims (found at any hardware store)

– A Craft Knife or Box Cutter

– Cutting Mat

– Ruler

– White Glue

– Glue Gun


Step One: Remove the Pages

Using your craft knife, carefully slice the paper in the front and back covers along the spine to remove the pages. Once you have the paper on either side cut, you may have to pull a little bit to get the block of pages out, but they should come out still in tact. Save the pages – I have a really fun project that you can use them for coming soon! 







Step Two: Cut The Shims to  Size

Next, measure the length, width and depth of the book. Then, mark the lengths of the book on your shims. If you used a book that was 1.5 inches deep, then the shim should be the perfect width and you’ll only have to cut length-wise.

You’ll need to cut :

– One shim for the bottom of the book

– Two shims for the sides of the book (one will go along the spine to give it stability)







Step Three: Cover the Wood

Next, you are going to cover the cut shims with pages from the book. You’ll only need to cover the 2 shims that will show, so don’t worry about covering the shim that will go in the binding for stability.

You may need 2 pages from the book to cover the longer piece. Cover the paper with white glue and spread it around so there are no bumpy areas. Fold the paper around the shims until the wood is completely covered.

I used a piece of tape on the backside of the shim to hold the glued page in place.

Step Four: Glue Wood in Place

With your glue gun, glue the piece of wood reserved for the spine of the book in place.

Then apply a line of glue along the bottom edge of the book. Add the shim that fits along the bottom of the book and hold in place for 20 seconds.

Then do the same along the long side of the book. Add a line of hot glue along the inside edge of the wood to make sure everything is secure.







Step Five: Glue Book Shut

Then, run the hot glue gun along the top edges of the bottom and side pieces of wood. Make sure you add a little bit of glue on the bottom of the shim on the spine where it meets the shim on the bottom panel.

Close the book, hold in place for 2o seconds and you’re done!










The Final Product:


So cute, right?

Let me know if you make it, and if you do, head on over to the Oh, What Love Facebook page and post your pics!

Also, did you see that I posted a giveaway? Find out more here.

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Mildly Obsessed: Edison Bulbs

| DIY, Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

Not sure what exactly got me hooked on these – maybe images from the Restoration Hardware or West Elm catalog – but who can resist the warm glow of raw light bulbs?

I think Edison Bulbs are the perfect touch to add a rustic and vintage feel to your decor, Justin and I even found some old trouble lights with Edison Bulbs and used them as pendant lighting in our new kitchen (I promise, I’ll post pics soon!).

Another amazing idea – Design*Sponge featured the Brinson’s lovely home in the Design*Sponge at Home book and they took 100 lightbulbs and made them into a chandelier, lighting only 10 of the bulbs. Light from the lit bulbs bounces off the unlit bulbs to create lots of light. Definite gorgeousness.

For your wedding, find a venue that uses Edison Bulb lighting or bring in your own lighting that uses them.

Here are a few looks I’m mildly obsessed with right now:


What do you think? Would you use Edison Bulbs on your big day or decorate with them in your home?


Links: Top (L-R) Via Daily Bits of Beauty • Via Daily Bits of Beauty • Via FindersKeepersMarket via Design*Sponge. Middle (L-R) Via Pinterest via West Elm • Via Tales from the Road. Bottom Via Velocity Art and Design

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