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Details, Details: Woody Accents

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Three years ago today, I was having a mini mental breakdown + putting the finishing touches on my wedding day. It was my wedding eve, and looking back now I would have done SO many things differently.

For one, I would have added more special little details into my day. Because while the food may be great and the band might be fun, I LOVE the details.

My nature inspired wedding could have used some more detail – details like these:

I wish I would have been bold enough to wear a floral crown. I wish I would have been more comfortable with my personal style and would have done things a little more out of the ordinary. I did, however, have some pretty awesome details at my wedding, and I loved it nevertheless.

What details could you use more help with for your own wedding? Let’s brainstorm some ideas for you! Share them in the comments below. 

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