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Mildly Obsessed/Rustic Chandeliers.

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I’m sure the first thing on your mind when you’re planning your wedding isn’t  – ‘What type of chandelier will I have?’.

Lots of venues won’t even allow you to hang things from the ceiling.

But friends, after looking at these pretty hangings, I wanna go back and redo my wedding chandelier situation!

I pretty much want each and every one of these chandeliers to be a part of my life – like right now.

I kinda think 6 is to die for, how about you?

Is there a spot at your venue to do a gorgeous chandelier like one of these? I wanna know in the comments! 


Links: 1. Martha Stewart Weddings 2. What A Day! Photography 3. House and Home 4. Style Me Pretty 5. Three Boys 6. Graphic Exchange


Mildly Obsessed: Washi Tape.

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As obsessed with craft supplies as I am, it’s no surprise that Washi Tape has made it to the top of my list of things to obsess over lately.

Washi Tape is a Japanese tape made from paper, so it’s slightly see through + 100% gorgeous. With hundreds of different patterns and designs to choose from, there are endless ways to use this tape!

I’ve been taping things up everywhere – I love the way it looks!

Isn’t it so delicate + lovely?

These would be the perfect way to seal an envelope and can be used in so many different DIY projects.

Also, if you’re loving the tape strips I added to my layout up there, I got them Pugly Pixel + they are adorable. Go get some for yourself right now! 

Links: Column One: Style Files, Column Two: Happy Home, SF Girl By Bay, Column Three: Take Two They’re SmallThe Kitchn

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Mildly Obsessed: Feathers

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Lately I’ve shared with you some of my current obsessions – arrows, birds + boho – and today’s edition of Mildly Obsessed doesn’t stray to far from those themes.

Feathers have been on my mind, and I’m loving everything about them – especially as details in everyday life.

Here are some of my faves:

Aren’t they lovely? I’m not above tattooing a feather on my body. They are just so beautiful.

Links: Column One (Top Down) 1. via Onedayisaw 2. via Tinywater Photography  3. via Favim| Column Two (Top Down)1. via BHLDN 2. via Old Navy| Column Three (Top Down)  1. via swoon events 2. via ThinkYogurt 3. via 4. via


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Mildly Obsessed: Arrow Typography

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Ladie (and gentlemen), I have an obsession to confess.

I’m in love with arrows. Bow and arrow arrows – tiny + thinly drawn or incorporated into type.

I gotta admit, it may have something to do with my slight obsession with the Hunger Games… but that’s normal, right?

And I think they could be a super fun thing to incorporate into your wedding day stationary.

How adorable would an arrow motif be? You could carry it throughout your decor by adding arrow touches here and there in your decoration.

Or adding an arrow into your monogram somewhere? Adorable.

So dreamy. I would even get a pretty little arrow tattooed on my body. Love em.

What do you think? Would you use an arrow design in your wedding stationary? 

Links: Column One (Top Down): via MichaelCarey;  via Pinterest; via wit+delight; via Miles of Light; via MiniatureRhino |  Column Two (Top Down): via ellothere; via tumblr ; via rileycran; via KevinStanleyHarris| Column Three (Top Down): via Branding 10,000 Lakes; via In Haus Press

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Mildly Obsessed: Paloma’s Nest

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If you’ve been on any wedding blog in the last few years, you’ve surely come across Paloma’s Nest and their lovely ring bearer bowls and wedding keepsakes.

From their website:

Caroline Colom Vasquez is an artist and designer living in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Her brand, Paloma’s Nest, is dedicated to creating Handcrafted Modern Heirlooms – pieces for the home and for the heart.


The Paloma’s Nest collection of bowls, tiles, ornaments and decorative pieces are intended to last for generations, and are thus crafted of the finest natural materials available, including porcelain and clay, wood, paper, and cloth. The inspiration for Paloma’s Nest lies in the purity of the materials used, and the idea that something so simple can be so bold.

I’m in love with the look of her pieces – this past winter I bought an ornament from her and I was giddy when it arrived.

The packaging is absolutely amazing, and the ornament itself was so dainty and gorgeous. I’m in love.

Here are a few of the things Paloma’s Nest offers:

Go to her site now and buy some stuff! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

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Mildly Obsessed: Chalkboard Paint

| DIY, Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

The more images of chalkboard paint I see, the more I fall in love with it.

I’m pretty sure my husband is getting tired of me saying, “Oh, we could chalkboard paint that!” I say it a lot.

But how can you resist the vintage feel it gives to pieces – AND you can draw on it.. It’s a double whammy.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite chalk board projects that you could incorporate into your wedding day.

I have about 75 more images of ways to incorporate chalkboard paint into your home, but I’ll save those for another day 🙂

I love how chalkboards are making a comeback. And as for that table in the bottom left corner – I will be making that sometime in the near future…

Oh yeah – did you see that I posted a giveaway? Enter to win here.


Here are the links: Top (L-R): via ModernHepburn on Tumblr , via Kurt Boomer Photo via Wedding Chicks, via Pinterest | Middle (L-R): via Freckled Laundry, via Tavern Agency, via HGTV | Bottom(L-R): via Design*Sponge, via Hip Hip Hooray, via BHLDN, via Something’s Hiding in Here for BHLDN


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Mildly Obsessed: Little Heart Details

| Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I have a full blown heart obsession. I know, super cliché, right?

Being a big sap when it comes to love, I think I’ve had this obsession for a long, long time, but when a little email from BHLDN landed in my inbox last week I knew that this obsession was going to be full fledged.

The tiny little heart ring in the image below did me in.

I LOVE it!

So much that I found some other little heart wedding details and I want to share them with you now!

I think I just love tiny, muted red hearts with a gray palatte. Something so dreamy about it.


Links: Top Row (L-R) Ring via BHLDN | Cupcakes via Picotte Weddings via Style Me Pretty |  Bottom Row (L-R) Ring Pillow via BHLDN | Invites – Photo via Jenny Jimenez via Style Me Pretty   | Photo via Stone Crandall Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

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Mildly Obsessed: Chevron

| Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

If you follow me on Pinterest (I mean, why wouldn’t you? Tons of inspiration over there…) then you probably know that I have a little obsession with chevron. It’s scattered throughout my boards and I love how you can incorporate it into your wedding details.

For example:
Chevron patterned wedding invites? Love em.
Chevron linens? Perfection.
Chevron on your CAKE? You guessed it.

You can probably see a pattern here, basically I think chevron is amazing.
Here are a few more ides:

Don’t you love? I am definitely liking this trend.

Links: Top Row (l-r) Cake Table Middle Row (l-r) Tag Linen Bottom Row (l-r) Invites Groom Nails

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