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Love/List: Links from this Week

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Woo hoo – it’s Friday!

I hope you’ve got some fun things planned for this weekend – mine will actually be pretty quiet, thank goodness! I’m hoping to get my 11 mile run in,  get some photos taken of all of our bikes to get online, add some stuff to my Etsy shop and work on my new branding a bit more!

Here are some of my favorite links from this week:

DIY Hair Powder – definitely trying this soon – time to stop paying so much for dry shampoo! Plus the brunette version is bound to smell delicious!

Instagram Tricks – Did you know I started out the year with a goal of taking an Instagram photo a day? I’ve missed a few days but have made up for it on others. This is a fun article with Instagram tips and tricks.

These envelopes are adorable. They take some planning before you’re going to send out a letter or card, but a pretty + creative way to add some flare to your envelopes.

I kinda wanna buy some of these arrows. You know, just to have on hand.

I’m listening to this playlist all day long. Love it.

Alright – have a beautiful weekend lovelies!



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Love/List: Letterpress Class Round Up

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Happy Friday, friends!

As part of me quitting my job, one of my goals is to find a letterpress class that will show me the ins and outs of my 2 small machines so I can start making custom cards + invites!

To get a basic understanding on how letterpress works, I found an amazing video:

Letterpress from Naomie Ross on Vimeo.

And here’s my round up of studios around the country that teach letterpress classes:

• Blue Eye Brown Eye – Fort Worth, TX (I’m going to try to take both the letterpress and calligraphy class in Feb.)

• May Day Studio – Montpelier, Vermont

• The Arm – NYC

• Evanston Print – Chicago, IL

• Lala Press – Los Angeles, CA

• Moveable Type – They travel all around the country in a big van teaching classes! 

Would you ever take a letterpress class? I’m dying to do one! 

Header Photo Source: Ninja vs. Pengin


Love/List: My New Kitchen

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Happy Friday!

Last October, I came home from New York City to find 2 massive holes where walls used to be – my husband had decided to start our kitchen remodel while I was away. We desperately needed an update – I mean look at that sconce above the sink! Totally not our style.

After 3 long months with a makeshift kitchen set up in my laundry room, I finally got my new kitchen and I’m sharing a few before + after photos today!

Justin did everything himself in the remodel, from ripping everything out down to the studs, adding a bigger window, framing in the new openings, drywall, floor, trim, cabinets – he even put the cabinets together!.. He is truly amazing + talented.

We’ve still got some trim to finish, and we’re saving up for the fridge that matches our other appliances, but I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Some of my fave details: our old trouble light/edison bulb penant lamps, the glass doors in the corner cabinets, the corian countertop + my new breakfast bar w/ the turquoise stools. We’re holding out for some Toledo drafting stools, but these are fun in the meantime!

We also got rid of a bedroom on the main floor and opened up the walls that once closed off the room. Now our main floor is wide open and I love it!

WAY more grown up, right? I’m in love with my table – and our centerpiece was one of the centerpieces from our wedding.

So what do you think? Better huh?

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Love/List: Minimalistic/Masculine Details for Home

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I’ve always been a girlie girl, but as Justin and I remodel and decorate our home, I’m finding that we definitely lean towards more masculine colors and design – we’ve got lots of dark wood and grey elements in our home.

And I must say, I’m loving it! Our home is decorated with vintage pieces we find at flea markets and auctions, and it really shows our style.

I’ve found lots of great design inspiration on Pinterest with this same style, here are a few of my favorite minimalistic and masculine details:

I’m in love with the dark wood  + leather + metal hardware + white elements look. It’s perfectly rustic and vintage classy.

Have a lovely Friday!

Links: 1. pinterest 2. pink persimmon 3. this is glamorous  4. henry wilson 5. printed space

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Love/List: Alt Classes.

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Have you heard of the Altitude Design Summit?

If you love all things fashion, food, design + lifestyle blogs, pretty design, amazing ideas and seriously talented people – you’ll love Alt Summit. I am planning on making this my one big conference to attend this year (well, next year since its in January) and I can. not. wait!

But even if you can’t make it to the live event, Alt has gathered up some of the awesome speakers from last years’ event + around the blog/design world and has them teach 1 hour courses each month – it’s seriously amazing!

I’ve done at least a half dozen of the Alt classes and always take away amazing information because the message is coming from someone who has been in my position at one point and can speak from experience.

A few of my favorites – DSLR 101 (I finally learned out to use my camera!), How to Win at Business Cards, Bringing in the Bacon When Your Blog Isn’t Huge to name just a few.

And there are a bunch I want to sign up for next month too! Bing is helping spread the word about these classes – and now Alt + Bing are giving out free classes to people who help spread the word. Thanks Bing (#thanksBing)!

Now head on over to the Alt Channel and sign up for some awesome classes – you won’t be dissapointed!

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Love/List: Gold Details

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I’m in love with gold right now, I want to add little gold details to everything – from outfits to decor to my planner (I have gold striped washi tape + I’m obsessed with it!).

So, when I get my own office space someday, I have no doubt that I’ll be throwing some gold details in there too. Here are some ideas:

I mean, right? I want that quote inlaid in the floor of my office in guilded gold. So beautiful!

Links: ArtillereitKnot and BowTarget, Tumblr, Camille StylesTokketok

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Love/List: Fresh Cut Flowers

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One of my favorite things about June and July is that I can head out to my garden and cut a bouquet of fresh flowers for my kitchen counter or nightstand. My husband’s grandpa used the be the head groundskeeper for his city, so our gardens have the most amazing flowers in them.

My favorites: my peonies, my poppies and most of all, my 6 hydrengea plants. There’s nothing better than walking into the house after a long day at work and seeing a vase full of fresh cut blooms + having their fragrance fill the house. I love it!

So pretty, right?

What’s your favorite flower?

Links: Top Row: Better Home and Gardens Middle Row: Absolutely Beautiful Things, The Little Book of Secrets Bottom Row: Knight Moves, Design*Sponge

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Love/List: Anniversaries

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Yay yay yay for Friday! I am so ready for a few days off!

I found this photoshoot this week and was smitten by this couple.

You see, it isn’t easy being married, it really is hard work sometimes. But I think it’s the ultimate dream to be able to grow old with someone that you are head over heels in love with. And it looks like this couple is just that.

I mean, you can’t get much more adorable than that, right? That hand holding shot almost brings tears to my eyes.

I’d love to be able to sit down with them and ask them how they made it through all these years together.  I wanna hear their story.

Source: I’m so sad that I can’t find the original source. Found it here on Pinterest

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Love/List: Letterpress

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This week my hubby and I took a big step in fulfilling our dreams – we went and looked at a 100 year old building to possibly buy and turn into an antique shop!

The building currently has renters – there is commercial space on the main level that is occupied by a printing company and an gorgeous apartment upstairs. As we toured the main level, a 91 year old man sat in the print shop running his letterpress machine. I just stood there and watched him run this huge machine effortlessly and realized that he could definitely teach me a thing or two about running a letterpress machine. I’ve got alot to learn.

With Mother’s Day, Graduations, Birthdays and Engage-aversaries (mine is today!!) right around the corner, I’m in love with letterpressed gift tags.
Here are some gorgeous examples…
Links: Clockwise from top: Penelopes Press, In Haus Press, Linda + Harriet, Beast Pieces/Studio On Fire

Links: Clockwise from top: Table Top MadeLifestyle Crafts, Sweet Beets, Smock Paper

Aren’t they wonderful? They could definitely dress up any package they graced.

Have a wonderful weekend – I’ve got a cute little video to share with you tomorrow so make sure to check back!

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