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Reflection of 2011

| Life

It’s  New Years Eve and my hubby and I are two crazy kids – you can tell by the pic. Paint swatches – what??

He’s working on our beautiful new kitchen and I’m sitting here in my brand new dining room planning
some amazing stuff for 2012.

It’s 3.5 hours til midnight and it just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t pay tribute to such a wonderful year.

2011 was amazing. 

I found an ‘adult’ job and got promoted to lead designer 6 months in.

I took a chance and invested in myself and my dreams – which I don’t usually do.

I joined a community of lots of women and a few men who have the same dreams that I do.

I sat down and wrote out the things I love to do and then created a business around those things.

I had flourishing friendships and caught up with old friends.

I traveled to places like Cape Canaveral, New York City, Nashville and Denver.

I worked my butt off to build this blog, and my hard work is paying off.

I stepped out of my comfort zone more than once.

I dreamed big and I’m starting to see those dreams come true.


There is lots in store for 2012, and I can’t wait to share those dreams and goals with you.

But for now, I just want to wish you a safe and happy New Year and thank you for your devotion in 2011.

I wouldn’t be here without you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Theme Thursday: NYC Inspired!

| Inspiration, Theme, Wedding Ideas

Happy Happy Thursday!


I can barely contain myself right now. In 8 hours I will be boarding a plane to the city that never sleeps – NYC baby!
This is my first trip to the Big Apple, and it is going to be a life changing experience for sure. I am attending an event called Rich, Happy & Hot Live, which is the live event that goes with the Rich, Happy & Hot B-School course I took this summer.
B-School was the best investment I have ever made in myself, it changed my way of thinking and allowed me to decide that I can do what I love – talk about weddings!
I don’t even know how RHH Live is going to change me and what I am going to come back with, but meeting my 2 favorite bloggers, Marie Forleo & Laura Roeder, along with Russell Simmons and the President of Branding at Virgin will honestly be priceless.
In honor of my trip, the blog this week has had an NYC theme – I shared a little bit of Justin Timberlake and the Plaza Hotel and NYC Public library. The theme this week is also NYC inspired.
Most of my inspiration came from Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC wedding – glam and gorgeous.
I hope you like 🙂
Those cupcakes look to die for, right? Yum.
I’ll be posting some pics from my trip over the weekend!
Links: 1. Photo from  2. Photo from 3. Photo from 4. Photo from 5. Photo from 6. Photo from  7. Photo found on  8. Photo by  Elizabeth Messina 9. Photo from The Jason Groupp 10. Photo from  Karen Wise 11. Photo found on Pinterest
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Theme Thursday: Vintage Gothic

| Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

I am so excited about today’s post because it’s not a theme that I just dreamt up, it’s a friend’s wedding vision.

So much more fun to create an inspiration board with a purpose. 

I’m loving this theme because it’s dramatic and vintage and absolutely lovely.

The black and white details with a pop of deep red create such a gorgeous color palate.

And vintage lace is my favorite. 

Gorgeous, right?

What’s your favorite part?


Links: 1. Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz 2. Photo by Emily Steffen 3. Photo by  docuvitae 4. Photo by Megan Thiele 5. Photo by NK Photography 6. Photo found on Pinterest  7. Photo from HI Bridal 8. Photo from  Sweet and Saucy Shop 9. Photo found on Style Me Pretty 10. Photo found on Style Me Pretty

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Bride + Groom Chair Decorations

| Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

I’ve been seeing it everywhere – super cute decorations on the bride and groom’s chairs at the head table! 

Decorating your chairs is a fun way to designate your spots and makes for some cute photos! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

 These are your run of the mill paper chains that you make at Christmas time. These are gorgeous, perfect for a rustic and vintage wedding! 

Photo by: Tonya Peterson Photography



 How perfect is this? Ribbons tied to the back of the bride and groom chairs at the head table would be perfect for any color palate and almost any style wedding. So adorable. Styling by Glitter and Rye,

Photo by Lindsay Hite and Jacqueline Schlossman of Readyluck, Found on Ruffled blog



I am obsessed with these coffee filter, cupcake liner and paper garlands! I did a quick DIY tutorial earlier in the month on how to make a garland similar to this. This though – perfection.

Photo by La Dolce Vita Studio



I love this idea for a fun and trendy wedding. Plus, it’s super easy to find these & signs – they are everywhere! You can get a plain wooden version at Michaels or Hobby Lobby and paint it with spraypaint, or you can find more polished, metal version of this at Restoration Hardware

Plus it makes for a super cute picture! Found on



For a more classic look, you can do something like this. I love the ivory and black together – it created such a polished look. One variation for a more trendy wedding would be to use mini chalk boards with colored chalk and hang them on the back of the chairs. So cute.

Photo by  Sarah E. Evans Photography. Found on Ruffled blog.



I love this idea for the entire head table. The bride and groom could have a different colored flower ball or something else to set them apart, but this looks so uniform and perfect. Again, the black with the ivory/peach color creates such an elegant look. 

Photo by Adam Barnes Photo. Found on Ruffled blog.



There are so many fun things you can do with the bride and groom chairs to create awesome photo opps and celebrate being the Mr. & Mrs. on your wedding day.  


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Theme Thursday: Sophisticated Style

| Inspiration, Theme

Found: Gorgeous Hair Pieces

| Inspiration

There are SO many gorgeous hair accessories made specifically for weddings, and with the internet it is so much easier to find an amazing, one of a kind piece at a decent price.

Etsy is an awesome place to start your search – you can find anything from vintage and sparkly to fun or homespun.

Here are a few of my favorites right now:

Hadley Hairpiece: $39.00

Featuring three ivory dupioni silk rosebuds, brown feathers, ivory ostrich feathers, birdcage netting, Chantilly lace, tulle and a vintage rhinestone piece from a local antique store.

This piece is most popular in a clip form however it can be added to an elastic headband in any size requested: newborn, infant, toddler, youth, or adult.

This vintage piece is recommended for your wedding day or a photo shoot. This is a one of a kind piece due to the vintage rhinestone piece in center.


Little Miss Sunshine Wedding Hairpiece: $200.00

Made of a white featherpad, white chiffon and mustard colored fabric flowers, adorned with netting. Attached to a skinny sliver headband.

One of a kind. One size fits all.


Silk and Lace and Pearl Mini Flower Fascinators: $52.50


This listing is for a gorgeous Fine & Fleurie bridal fascinator set featuring two entirely handmade crepe silk flowers with lace and Swarovski pearl centers. Perfect for a bride who is just looking for a little something special!

The total size of each flower is approx. 2.5″ at it’s widest point. It is securely attached to small metal combs for easy placement in many hairstyles!

Cha Cha Birdcage Veil: $125.00

Sophistication meets fun with this incredible one-of-a-kind birdcage veil. The edge of the veil has swarovski crystals and the fascinator is removable for post ceremony festivities.


Aren’t these fun? No more overpriced, brial store rhinestone hairpieces – bring on the feathers, flowers and lace!





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Anthropologie Obsessed.

| Inspiration

I can’t help it.

Every time I pass an Anthropologie (which isn’t often, I live in the middle of nowhere), I get giddy. 

The colors, patterns and textures get me every time. I can’t walk out of there without buying SOMETHING.

I was visiting my sister in Nashville a few months back when I realized why I get this way.

I walk into Anthropologie and I’m inspired.

Everything has a handmade, vintage or girly feeling to it, and I instantly want to be wearing every article of clothing in sight.

The displays look like they are made from vintage furniture and the window displays are perfectly crafted.

I want every aspect of my life to look like this 🙂

Anthropologie gives me the motivation to go home and work on a project I’ve been putting off

and gives me ideas for vintage or girly style weddings.

It gives me reassurance that I know who and I am and what I am going to accomplish.

Here are some lovlies for you:

Do any stores inspire you? 

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The Oh, What Love Studios Blog Debut!

| Life

Ah! I am so excited to finally be at this point! I’ve done some blogging here and there in the past, but it was mostly about nothing.

Now, I am starting a blog that is centered around my passion: weddings!

And what better day to make my blog debut than on my 2 year anniversary of the best day of my entire life – the day that I married my best friend.

My wedding was the start of my wedding obsession; I didn’t really dream of my wedding day before I got engaged.

But when Justin popped the question, I bought every wedding magazine and book on the shelf, found every wedding blog I could and pulled inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

And after the wedding, I couldn’t stop myself. I mean, what girl who has been married for a year still buys wedding magazines?

This girl. It’s a problem.

The solution though? Helping brides with the details of their perfect day.

Everyone knows you need a venue and a caterer and a ceremony location, but what about the details?

What about the 100 lb linen paper invitations with the delicate detail, the processional song that fits your personality and style (I’m not talking “Here Comes the Bride” ) and all of the other little details that set your wedding apart from others? You don’t want your wedding to be a template wedding with the same thing that every other bride out there has.

That’s where I come in. I LOVE those details. Those details are the little things that will make you look back on your wedding day and think – Wow, my wedding was exactly what I dreamed it would be.

That’s how weddings should be. So on this blog, I am going to share my inspiration, tips, DIY projects and ideas that you can use in your own wedding. And should you need some help with the details? I can do that too. DIY is my middle name (that’s a lie) and I LOVE crafting and designing (that one’s true). Let me help you.

This is YOUR blog too.

What do you want to see? What do you need help with?

I’m here to provide you inspiration. So be ready.

I can’t wait to share my obsession with you 🙂

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