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I’ve been totally inspired by every piece I’ve pinned to my Wordy Pinterest board lately, so I’ve decided to start creating my own collection to add to it.

And I’ve been listening to Mat Kearney non stop since he released his music video for Ships in The Night earlier this week. He is my favorite, check out the video here.

Today’s Wordy comes from his song Young, Dumb and In Love and it is one of my favorites off his Young Love album.

Pin it, print it, share it with your friends.

Happy Friday! I’ll be back with my Love/List a bit later today.

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Mildly Obsessed: Washi Tape.

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As obsessed with craft supplies as I am, it’s no surprise that Washi Tape has made it to the top of my list of things to obsess over lately.

Washi Tape is a Japanese tape made from paper, so it’s slightly see through + 100% gorgeous. With hundreds of different patterns and designs to choose from, there are endless ways to use this tape!

I’ve been taping things up everywhere – I love the way it looks!

Isn’t it so delicate + lovely?

These would be the perfect way to seal an envelope and can be used in so many different DIY projects.

Also, if you’re loving the tape strips I added to my layout up there, I got them Pugly Pixel + they are adorable. Go get some for yourself right now! 

Links: Column One: Style Files, Column Two: Happy Home, SF Girl By Bay, Column Three: Take Two They’re SmallThe Kitchn

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Life is an Adventure

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Happy Wednesday Lovelies.

I’ve been finding tons of inspirational quotes on Pinterest lately + am really loving them, so today I thought I would create my own for you.

I love this: Live is either an adventure or nothing.

We  sometimes get bogged down in the details so much that we forget to stop, look around and enjoy the ride.

Whatever you’re dealing with today, just remember that all you have going on is part of the adventure – make it count.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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Music Monday: Maybe I’m Amazed

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Today’ s Music Monday may make you laugh, it may bring back memories of watching every episode of the OC on Thursday nights way back when.

The song is Maybe I’m Amazed (The Jem version) and it was played on the last episode of Season 1 of the OC at Caleb and Julie’s wedding.

Justin and I got out all of our OC boxed sets last year and rewatched them all, and I have to say it was a fun little blast from the past. So fun that I’ve been watching season one episodes again at any chance I can get. Seriously my most current guilty pleasure.

My favorite line from this song:

Maybe i’m amazed at the way you pulled me out of time,

You hung me on the line.

Maybe i’m amazed at the way i really need you.

Here’s a clip from the OC episode:

 Haha, did this bring back memories for you? 

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Love/List: Office Crush

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It’s no lie that I like to find things around me and use them for inspiration – that’s the reason I tear so many things out of magazines and order paper samples like its my job, and that’s why I’m so obsessed with Pinterest.

Having a visual representation of what I’m feeling or thinking gets me so excited – almost to the point of giddiness. I love to see collections of ideas and forming them into an idea or design of my own.

That’s why I’ve been obsessed with these real life inspiration boards lately – not just the Pinterest ones of the ones I create for Oh, What Love. The real life, reach out and touch it inspiration board are what I get most inspired by.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Now I know Justin is too much of a neat freak to let me do this in our house (he would say there was crap everywhere and want me to take it down) I will be doing this when I get my own studio some day. Until then, I’ll settle with Pinterest 🙂


Have a lovely Friday!


Links: Column One (Top Down): via; via decor8; via maemaepaperie | Column Two (Top Down): via Oh, Happy Day; via Canadian House and Home via Oh Happy Day

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Love/List: Office Crush

| Creative Entrepreneurs, Life, Love/List, Organization

Pinterest has become my best friend for finding amazing inspiration for my home and an office I’m going to have someday… I have stumbled upon some pretty amazing spaces lately.

Today I’m sharing some office inspired goodness that I’ve fallen in love with lately – clipboards.

How fun are these for organization? Use em for inspiration boards, ways to keep projects organized or just for decoration.

Here are a few of my favorites.


Don’t you love them? I’m gonna have to keep my eyes open for some.

What do you think? What would you put on your clipboards?

Don’t forget about my little giveaway! Click here to learn more. 

Links: Top (L-R): via Emmas Design Blog; via Weekday Carnival | Middle: via Martha | Bottom (L-R): via Oh So Beautiful Paper;  via Pinterest; via STIL Inspiration


Mildly Obsessed: Little Heart Details

| Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I have a full blown heart obsession. I know, super cliché, right?

Being a big sap when it comes to love, I think I’ve had this obsession for a long, long time, but when a little email from BHLDN landed in my inbox last week I knew that this obsession was going to be full fledged.

The tiny little heart ring in the image below did me in.

I LOVE it!

So much that I found some other little heart wedding details and I want to share them with you now!

I think I just love tiny, muted red hearts with a gray palatte. Something so dreamy about it.


Links: Top Row (L-R) Ring via BHLDN | Cupcakes via Picotte Weddings via Style Me Pretty |  Bottom Row (L-R) Ring Pillow via BHLDN | Invites – Photo via Jenny Jimenez via Style Me Pretty   | Photo via Stone Crandall Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

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Love/List: Styled Clutter

| Inspiration, Life, Love/List

Here’s the absolute truth – I’m never going to be the most neat/tidy/organized person
in the world… it’s just not gonna happen for me.

I’m the daughter of 2 people who just can’t throw stuff away. My parents are collectors,
and I’ve got some of that in my genes too.

Instead of being the most organized person, I’d rather have styled clutter
kind of like Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest has.

Bonnie Tsang took amazing photos of Bri’s loft, she really captured the fact
that this home is lived in.

Living here doesn’t mean tip toeing around not touching anything, it means
you are constantly being inspired by your surroundings and are enjoying the space you created.

That’s the kind of home I want to have.


Mildly Obsessed: Edison Bulbs

| DIY, Inspiration, Wedding Ideas

Not sure what exactly got me hooked on these – maybe images from the Restoration Hardware or West Elm catalog – but who can resist the warm glow of raw light bulbs?

I think Edison Bulbs are the perfect touch to add a rustic and vintage feel to your decor, Justin and I even found some old trouble lights with Edison Bulbs and used them as pendant lighting in our new kitchen (I promise, I’ll post pics soon!).

Another amazing idea – Design*Sponge featured the Brinson’s lovely home in the Design*Sponge at Home book and they took 100 lightbulbs and made them into a chandelier, lighting only 10 of the bulbs. Light from the lit bulbs bounces off the unlit bulbs to create lots of light. Definite gorgeousness.

For your wedding, find a venue that uses Edison Bulb lighting or bring in your own lighting that uses them.

Here are a few looks I’m mildly obsessed with right now:


What do you think? Would you use Edison Bulbs on your big day or decorate with them in your home?


Links: Top (L-R) Via Daily Bits of Beauty • Via Daily Bits of Beauty • Via FindersKeepersMarket via Design*Sponge. Middle (L-R) Via Pinterest via West Elm • Via Tales from the Road. Bottom Via Velocity Art and Design

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Theme Thursday: Love Letters

| Inspiration, Theme, Wedding Ideas

 As I was putting this theme together I realized that this is a very Valentine’s Day focused theme… oops! I’m about a month early but oh well.


A Love Letter themed wedding would be absolutely gorgeous – with hand written invitations, lots of lace and pops of coral and red you can’t go wrong.


So intimate and romantic. And those Valentino shoes are stunning!
My favorite part about this theme is the color palate.


Sometimes red can be a hard/harsh color, but not in this sense.


Paired with coral, creams and browns it is really toned down and becomes a stunning accent. Yes?


What do you like best about this theme?  Write it in the comments below.


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Just an FYI – I’m partnering with my friend Tracy Matthews who creates custom wedding jewelry in NYC, and she’d offering the first 5 people to contact her a 10% discount, which is amazing.
Seriously though – Charlize Theron and some of the American Idols have been seen wearing her stuff.. she’s good.



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