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Vintage DIY: Chalkboard China Platter

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Are you ready for another fun DIY project?

I had a lovely china platter sitting around that I picked up at an antique shop and wanted to create something fun with it, so I turned it into a chalkboard platter.

Perfect for a welcome sign or a drink menu, you can use this chalkboard platter in so many different ways for your wedding!

1. Here’s what you need:

A Platter
Painter’s Tape
Exacto Knife
Chalkboard Spray Paint

2. Tape the edges of your platter to form an oval.

3. Using an Exacto knife, slice the inside edge of the tape to smooth out the edges of the oval.

4. Paint 3 coats of primer.

5. Once the primer is dry, spray paint 2 or 3 coats of chalkboard paint to the platter.

Once that’s all dry, remove the tape and color the chalkboard portion with the side of the piece of chalk and wipe clean – this will prime the the chalkboard for writing.

What are your favorite things to chalkpaint? I wanna hear about them in the comments below.



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