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Seven Years.

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Today, my friends, marks the date that my husband, Justin, and I started dating.

Since we got married, Justin hates celebrating this day, but I still do because my life has been so amazing ever since the day my friend Mandy and I wrote that we needed his phone number in the dust on his car.

I had such a crush on him, and all it took was Mandy saying – “She’s rad, you’re rad, you guys should hold hands…” and we did.

I can’t imagine what my life would look like without such an amazing, supporting person in my life.

Thanks for an amazing 7 years babe, and I can’t wait for a lifetime more…

P.S… how fun are these pictures? I mean, how many hairstyles can 2 people have in 7 years? And look at that baby face in the bottom right corner.. can you see why I fell in love with him? SMH…

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