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Working On: Pennant Banners!

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Yay! Done with the pennant banners, and for my first sewing project in 10 years I think I did a pretty darn good job.

Can’t wait for a chance to create some other versions of these – pinks, tans and grays would be fun, country type patterns would be fun too!

The wedding is this weekend, so I’ll have some pics of these babies in action next week!

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Working On: Balloon Shaped Programs

| DIY, Life, Real Weddings

How fun are these? Really fun.

I spent 5 hours last night gluing these together and laughing the night away with two of my very best friends from high school.

We broke into laughing fits about the silliest things (I’m chuckling right now as I think about it) – it reminded me of our fun times together in high school. I miss those days.

But seriously, we glued and glued and glued, and the stack never got any smaller. Not sure how that works, but we had fun anyway.

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Working On: Pennant Banners

| DIY, Theme

I am SO excited for these: Colorful Pennant Banners – I’m almost finished with them! 

I’m making them for a friend who is getting married on August 20th – an amazing circus themed wedding, and she chose such fun patterns for the banner.

224 triangles – cut, sewn and cleaned up! Now I just have to attach them to the binding tape we are using and I’ll be done.

Can’t wait to show you the finished product. I’ll have a DIY tutorial too once I get all the kinks worked out! 

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