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Groom Gift Ideas

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Picking out a gift to give to your husband on your wedding day can be a super stressful thing.

I had a pretty difficult time trying to figure out what to get Justin, mainly because he always goes above and beyond on gifts for me and I always end up coming up short with gifts for him. For our wedding, I wanted to do something really special for him that didn’t necessarily cost lots of money because we wanted money for our honeymoon.

Here are a few tips for picking out a gift for your groom:

Try to Think of Something He’s Always Wanted to Have/Do

With Justin, I remembered that he liked playing flight simulator games on the computer, and he had mentioned wanted to learn to fly. Luckily we live near a small airport, so I signed him up for a 45 minute flight lesson for only $60 or $70.

I designed some really cute plane tickets and sent him a ‘confirmation email’ before the wedding. When he found out what I had signed him up for he was so excited and when his flight lesson was over he told me it was the best hour of his life. They let him take off, land and fly the plane and he absolutely loved it.

All it took was a little bit of thought to give him a gift he could remember forever.

Think of Something He Wouldn’t Buy Himself

Again, a little thought will go a long way. A nice watch, a digital SLR camera or tickets to a game or a concert he’s been talking about are all great ideas. Anything that he would feel bad buying himself is a great idea as long as it’s within your budget.

If All Else Fails…

If you really want to make him happy, have Boudoir pictures taken before the wedding and give him a book of the photos the morning of your wedding day.

Not only will he LOVE this, it gives him a little something to look forward to when the reception is over. Because really – what man wouldn’t want a book full of gorgeous photos of his wife?

Whatever you choose to do, I promise you he’ll love it because it will be a special momento or memory from the best day or your lives.

Don’t get too stressed about it – you’ll find something perfect for him.


What are your groom gift ideas? Post em in the comments! 



Links: Plane Photo from Soaring Sports • Boudoir Photo by Anne Kristine

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