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Perfect for Spring: Floral Crowns

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I am so happy spring is here!

I love the newness that spring brings, and I love seeing the flowers sprout up!

The theme of the blog is this week is kind of a vintage, boho, hippe style, and what better fit are floral crowns?

I’m in love with this idea for your wedding day hair decor. These would be perfect for a boho, laid back retro, vintage style wedding day.

How lovely are these? I would totally wear one of these if I could redo my wedding.

If you like these, you’ll love tomorrow’s theme – check back tomorrow!


Links: Column One (Top Down): via AlexandraGreco; via Boho Weddings; | Column Two (Top Down): via mignonnehandmade; via; via Jose Villa| Column Three (Top Down): via Pinterest; via TheHoneyComb; via PrettyDressesintheLaundry

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