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DIY: How to Make a Floral Crown

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In my recent soul searching and focusing on my new branding, I’m really trying to focus on who my absolutely ideal bride would be. I’ve been pinning images like crazy to my Ideal Bride Pinterest board and I’m noticing a trend – the perfect mix of indie, boho + rustic. Floral crowns included.

I wanted to try my hand at creating my own version of a floral crown, and today I’m sharing my process with you!

// Materials:

floral wire
floral tape
hot glue gun and glue
a nice mix of fake florals (or real if you prefer )
– branches
– cherry blossom buds
– a few bigger blooms

// Instructions:

1. Using floral wire, form a circle that fits comfortably on your head. Wrap the wire around 10 to 15 times to create a strong base for your crown. Wrap the wire around itself to keep the wire together.

2. Next, wrap twine around the wire circle and hot glue the end to the wire. Then start to wrap the branches around the twine and wire base, gluing where necessary and do the same with the small blossoms.

3. Last but not least, add in your big blooms with hot glue!

Wouldn’t you wear this every day if you could? I sure would!