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Tomorrow I am going to see one of my favorite artists – Mat Kearney.

I feel like I can relate to almost every single one of his songs – his lyrics are words that I live by.

One of my favorites: 

“On and on and on we pray, we can break into a brighter day… nothing worth anything ever goes down easy…”

See? He speaks the truth.

Love him, love his lyrics. LOVED his wedding. 

I found his Nashville wedding featured on OnceWed last year – I fell in love! What could get better than an Elegant Farm Wedding with wonderful music and a gorgeous wedding party?

Here is my favorite photo that was featured… 


How adorable are they? They seriously win the cutest couple award, but really that’s not hard to do when Mat Kearney is one half of the couple 🙂 

See all of the pictures on And if you haven’t checked out his music, I seriously recommend that you do. It is delightful. 

Photo by: Tec Petaja

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