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Theme Thursday: Barbie’s Dream Wedding

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Hello friends!

If you’re like me, Barbies were a big part of your childhood. No lie, I played with Barbies until I was about 15 years old (although when I did it then, I called it styling their outfits and hair – not playing).

At one point my very best friend and I combined all of our Barbies together and we’d switch off keeping them at each other’s house. I think I won out on that one because she was an only child and we could convince her parents to buy us any clothes or accessories we wanted. I’ve got all the Barbies, plus 2 convertibles and a Barbie Jeep in a huge toy chest in my basement right now.

When I was working on today’s theme – a million ideas started running through my head about what Barbie + Ken’s dream wedding would look like – it could be all out hot pink + black, retro with black and pink details, or it could be soft and beautiful with teals and light pinks.

I ended up going with the last version because it seems like the most practical/do-able/not over the top day. Plus, I’m basically obsessed with that color palette.

So while this theme may not be as over the top as Barbie’s real wedding would be, it still has those perfectly girly touches that I think she would include in her day.

Plus, Ken would look so good in gray and teal – just sayin’ 🙂 And for all the little girls that show up – there would be little pink tutus for them to take home, that would be too much fun.

You know where this wedding would take place?

Malibu. On the beach next her her Malibu beach house.. right?

Do you still have your Barbies? Where do you keep them? 

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