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4 Ways to Ask for Help without Feeling Like Bridezilla

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I got engaged, I knew that I wanted to do most of the wedding planning and decorations myself because I had family and friends who I knew would help me.

The problem was that I never knew how to ask for anyone for help, and I wasn’t the type of person to assign tasks to everyone because I knew they were all busy people. 

And looking back, I wish I would have asked for help – it would have made my planning much easier. 

Now that I’ve planned a wedding and will be a bridesmaid in 2 upcoming weddings, I realize that as much as I love weddings, I often forget to ask my bride to be friends what they need help with. Better yet, I forget to tell them they can count on me to do (insert task here). 

I’ve done some research and have come up with a few simple ways for brides to delegate tasks to their ‘maids and family members without feeling like a bridezilla. 


Make it a party!


A super simple way to get lots done at once is to send everyone an invitation to a little get together to get some of the DIY tasks out of the way.

This way, lots can get done in a short amount of time because there are more people there to help.

Make sure you have a plan of what you’d like to get done, and make it fun with snacks, cocktails and maybe some classic wedding movies 🙂


Assign a Right Hand Man


While you’re busy making the big decisions, have someone you trust working behind the scenes to delegate tasks out to those who want to help. This person should know your wedding style and understand how you want things done, maybe the maid of honor or a sibling.

This works because you don’t have to worry about delegating tasks to multiple people when you already have lots of other stuff on your mind.

Make sure your right hand man makes a list of who was assigned each task so you can keep a handle on who is doing what.


Index Cards with Tasks 


Throughout your engagement, people are always going to be asking you if there is anything they can do or tell you to let them know if you need anything.

When people would say that to me, I always drew a blank on what needed to be done because I couldn’t see much past what I was doing right then.

One way to solve this is to carry index cards and a marker with you at all times. When you think of something that needs to be done, write it on an index card.

Then, when someone asks you what they can do to help, whip out that stack of index card to-dos and delegate your little heart out.

Just make sure you remember what card you gave to which person.


Little Hints

Let’s face it, everyone is busy. If your friend tells you she wants to help out with something, I’m sure she truly means it, so don’t be offended if she is a few days late on the deadline or procrastinates on her assigned project a bit. She’ll get it done, I promise.

One way to push her along is to send cute little thank you cards throughout the process thanking her for all of her help. Tell her you are so excited to see the final product, and ask her if there is anything she needs from you to complete her assignment.

That will give her a hint that you’d like to get things wrapped up, and in most cases she’ll move you back to the top of her list. 


These are just a few ways to get the people in your life involved in all the small things that make the wedding day perfect. It can be difficult to ask for help, but just remember – if you try to do it all yourself you’ll get burnt out and lose enthusiasm! 

What ways have you asked your bridesmaids and family for help with planning your wedding?




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