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A New Adventure: Post Monroe Antiques

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Happy Friday loves!

Today I want to share with you a new adventure my hubby is taking on – Post Monroe Antiques!

We just got a booth at a local flea market so we could start selling our fun vintage finds + he’s launching an online store in the near future.

The name came from our families – his mother’s maiden name is Post and Monroe is my grandmother’s maiden name. He’s really excited for the debut + I’ll be sharing some more of the fun things we find here on the blog.

If you’re searching for something vintage for your own wedding, there’s a good chance we’ve come across it. Contact us if you want us to keep our eye out for something in particular!


We did a mini photoshoot on Saturday in our dining room, it was too much fun.

I’d love it if you’d stop by his website at (he even built the site himself for the most part!) or show him some love on Facebook.

Can’t wait to share some of our fun finds with you!