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I’m back from our amazing long road trip and it feels good to be back on schedule, I am missing the mountain air + our friends and family though. We had so much fun!

Here’s a round up of our trip:

Saturday: We were going to go to bed at 4 pm and get up at midnight to head on our 13 hour trek, but we were too excited to sleep so we left at 6pm.

Sunday: We got to Estes Park,CO at 11:30 and met up with our Denver friends, Jenni and Tyler. We drove to the visitors center on top of the mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, got caught in the rain, got caught in a snow storm, almost got struck by lightening and saw lots of elk. Too much fun.

Monday: I got up early Monday morning and sat on the porch of the lodge at the YMCA of the Rockies. Probably the most gorgeous place I’ve ever caught up on some work. Later on, we met up with family in town and hiked in the park. We went to a great little restaurant for dinner + ended the night with a little game called Greed – have you ever played? It’s addicting.

Tuesday: ATV riding in the mountains! Even though I live in rural area, I had never been on a 4 wheeler and was pretty terrified. By the end of the 3 hour, self guided ride, I was tearing down the trails and going through every puddle in sight. So much fun! Then we went to the Alluvial Fall, which was an amazing piece of history to learn about. Took our shoes off and put our feet in the cool water. Then we took Fall Ridge Road up to the vistors center again and saw SO many elk it was crazy, and I bought the most adorkable wool sweater with reindeer on it. Can’t wait to bust that thing out!

Wednesday: We went to the Stanley hotel and walked around for a bit. Justin and I stayed here on our honeymoon and I was so terrified I didn’t sleep all night. It was the hotel that inspired the movie The Shining and I promise you.. it’s haunted – gorgeous, but haunted. Next we shopped a bit in Estes Park and I got a gorgeous vintage dry creek turquoise ring. Pretty obsessed with it right now! After Estes, Justin and I drove down to Golden and did some ‘pickin’ for antiques, we found some fun stuff at the Brass Armadillo.

Thursday: Up early + drove to Lakewood to meet up with my Create + Connect Project biz partner, Katrina Padron, to do an interview for our program. It was pretty short and sweet, but we accomplished a lot! Fun things coming for the Create  + Connect Project. Then we went to a few more flea markets and antique shops and Justin found Herman, our new deer head that came home with us. He’s gonna sell it in our booth. He better sell it in our booth.

Friday: Justin and I checked out the Mile High Market. It was a TOTAL waste of time – Friday is obviously not the day to go! So we met up with our Jenni friend for lunch + Moscow Mules at Stuben’s in Denver. Seriously delicious. We were going to catch a Rockies game but the weather didn’t cooperate, so we ate at Shells and Sauce and played dice games all night. Too much fun.

Saturday: In April we bought a Groupon for a Denver beer tour with Jenni and Tyler. Little did we know, beer tour basically stood for a glorified taxi but we had SO much fun touring 5 different breweries in the Denver area with our driver, Ron. He seriously made us laugh, and we got to taste some delicious microbrews! I think I’ve officially turned into a beer girl 🙂

Okay, that was seriously long, but we packed SO much fun into the trip that I couldn’t leave anything out!

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