Music Monday: Your Love is a Song

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Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend – I know mine was filled with fun + my husband and I got lots done around the yard. Plus, we almost bought a 1968 sparkly turquoise VW bus but it didn’t run so we  decided that might not be the best idea right now..

On to today’s song: Your Love is a Song by Switchfoot.

I’ve loved the band Switchfoot for lots of  years now – they were actually the first concert I went to in high school with some friends. Our parents let us drive to Iowa City (!) to go to the show, and we crammed everyone into my car and sang the whole way.

I love this song, and the refrain says it all:

Oh, your love is a symphony
All around me, running through me
Oh, your love is a melody
Underneath me, running to me 

Hear the full song below:

Have a lovely Monday!

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