Music Monday: Young, Dumb and In Love

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It’s no lie that I love Mat Kearney – I’ve feeatured his songs on Music Monday before.

His new album, Young Love, came out earlier this year and within about 2 days I had memorized all the words to every song – I listed to it during my workout, on my way to and from work and all day at work for about 2 weeks straight.

Instantly, my favorite song was Young, Dumb and In Love.

I loved this song so much because I feel like I could relate to it.

‘To be honest, I fell for you that first night..” – I mean, that was totally my relationship with Justin.

I love how sweet all his songs are, and his relationship with his wife is so adorable. I mean, how cute are they?



Listen to the song by clicking the play button:


Here’s my favorite verse – probably because it’s about their wedding day:

Well, under the weeping willows and a sea firing flies

With your gypsy necklace and my big brown bow tie

You kissed my lips like I was catching a flight

I said if I’m honest I fell for you that first night

If I’m honest I fell for you that first night

To be young and dumb and in love…


This would be an amazing first dance song because it’s upbeat and you can have some fun with it.

Do you love it?

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