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Scratch that title – I’m not mildly obsessed with Pinterest, I am definitely over-the-top obsessed with Pinterest. Any time I have a few free moments, I hop on and ‘Pin’ a few photos.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s a social media website that allows you to ‘organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.’

Not only do I love it for personal use – outfit inspiration, ideas for my ever-changing home and jewelry I like – it comes in very handy with wedding planning.

When you’re planning your wedding, it is very important to stay organized with your ideas, and Pinterest helps you do just that. 

The best way to find your perfect style is to do your research and save or bookmark any thing that inspires you. With Pinterest, you can gather images from any website all in one place.

This helps because you can go through and figure out exactly what ideas you want to use on your big day which is wonderful when you are trying to drill down on what your style should be.

And remember, you don’t always have to gather ideas from wedding blogs.

Look at your favorite stores’ websites and pull inspiration for your big day from them too. Retailer’s websites can help you decide what type of decoration you want or the type of bridesmaids dresses you’ll choose.

If you don’t have Pinterest, sign up to request an invitation and you should get a sign up email from them within a few days.

Be prepared to become obsessed 🙂 

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