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One reason I love being a home owner – you can do whatever you want to the house.

There is no one to tell you that you can’t put holes in the walls, paint the walls or tear down the walls for that matter (which is why I also like having a handy husband!).

With lots of projects going on in our house, we are always looking for inspiration for our next room remodel. And since we’ve started going to auctions and flea markets, I feel like our style has changed.

Less new stuff, more vintage reworkings.

I’m in love with the way things are turning out . In fact, sometime soon I will show you a before and after of my brand new kitchen, which should be done in just a week or so.

So today, I’m sharing with you some home inspiration I found on Pinterest:

I think I’m in love with everything about this photo. The color of the chair, the light, the rug – even the cup of coffee with a mini biscotti sitting there on the table.

My favorite part though is the wall.

I struggle with hanging things on the walls in our home because I want to hang something unique. I want to magically pair pieces together and throw them up on the wall in a cluster like this and have them look amazing. Not sure I can pull it off, but it’s definitely a goal of mine.

What do you think? Couldn’t you just curl up in that chair and read a book?

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