DIY: Vintage Garland


I’ve been seeing this around the wedding blogs lately and had to try it.

This vintage looking paper and fabric garland has a Anthropologie feel to it, which must be why I like it so much!

I love the creams, beiges and whites for this, but it would look just as cute with pops of color and pattern.

I just made a smaller garland – you’ll most likely be making one to fit your own space so I didn’t include amounts on any of the items you’ll need. The fuller looking the garland, the better though.

Here’s what to you’ll need:

cloth – any color/pattern you choose

cupcake liners – I used kraft colored liners, both a smaller size and a larger size

lace – I found some at a flea market, you don’t need too much



white velum paper

white thread or fishing line

a needle


Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Cut the fabric, lace, burlap, tulle and paper into circles. You will want to make some big and some smaller.

2. Take some cupcake liners out of the box and flatten them. Then, take the liners and paper and lightly crumple them up. This will give your garland a little bit of volume.

3. Cut a piece of thread or string to the length you desire. Next, tie 3 or 4 knots 1 foot in from one of the ends. Make sure you make a big enough knot to keep the pieces of the garland on the string. Then, thread a needle on the other end of the string.

4. Beginning with a small velum paper circle, start adding the pieces of the garland onto the string with the needle. Make sure you use about half of the smaller circles you cut out before you add the larger circles for a tapered effect.

5. Once you have added all of the larger pieces, finish by adding the rest of the smaller circles Р ending with a circle of velum paper. When all of the circles have been added, remove the needed and tie 3 or 4 knots in the string to keep the circles on the string. Make sure to leave 1 foot of string on this end of the garland as well.

6. Hold up your garland. If you want more volume to it, you can crumple up the paper and cupcake liners a little bit more.


There you have it! Your very own vintage looking garland to add the perfect hint of girliness to your event.


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