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Theme Thursday: Maps

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Justin is sort of a homebody, so my chances of world traveling are few and far between.

I would, however, like to make it out of the country at least once in my life – preferably to a place like Venice or France. Maybe someday when I’m rich and famous ūüôā

Because of his homebodiness, I’ve accepted the fact that most of our trips will be within US borders, and I’m 100% okay with that because there are hundreds and hundreds of beautiful and inspiring things to see in the United States.

Today’s wedding theme is themed around maps and travel, and paired with the colors I chose I absolutely adore the idea of this shindig.

A little bit vintage, a lot of fun.

What do you think? Isn’t that ring photo absolutely swoon-worthy? And those field notes notebooks for all of your out of town guests are adorable.

xo, and happy Thursday!

Links: 1. Oh, So Beautiful Paper 2. Posh Paperie + Stone Crandall Photography via Green Wedding Shoes 3. JetFeteBlog 4. Style Me Pretty 5. 6th Street Design School  6. Martha Stewart Weddings 7. Wedding Chicks 8. Tumblr 9. Weddings Unveiled

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Theme Thursday: Strong Details

| DIY, Inspiration, Theme

I know I talk about finding fun vintage stuff a lot on this blog, but that’s only because it’s a big part of my life.

We’ve totally transformed our home to be filled with vintage pieces – like the old Ideal sink we made into a side table, the printers boxes we’ve got hanging on the wall and the old cast iron heater sitting underneath the window in our dining room.

Now, I’ve always been a girly girl, but my home doesn’t reflect that one bit. There’s no shabby chic, no french themed bathroom and not a hint of pink anywhere. Our home is totally masculine, and I’m alright with that. Dark leather, caramel colored furniture, and lots of metal details – all due to our love of vintage.

Today’s wedding expresses those same details – instead of a girly girl wedding, I focused on more manly details like herringbone, leather and slate blue accents. I’m in love with how it turned out.

Bridesmaids in demin and leather boots (not of the cowboy variety though), A bride in a stunning yet simple gown and a groom with the perfect suit – I’m in love!

Would you ever have a wedding with mostly manly details? Share in the comments! 

Links: 1. Rachel Carl 2. Trashess 3.Gideon Photography via delightfully engaged 4. Imogene and Willie 5.Lack Luster Co. 6. Design*Sponge 7. Tiny Pine Press and Papel Paper & Press via Green Wedding Shoes 8. Orange Turtle Photography 9. Color and Dust 10.  Archetype Studio Inc.

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Theme Thursday: Barbie’s Dream Wedding

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Hello friends!

If you’re like me, Barbies were a big part of your childhood. No lie, I played with Barbies until I was about 15 years old (although when I did it then, I called it styling their outfits and hair – not playing).

At one point my very best friend and I combined all of our Barbies together and we’d switch off keeping them at each other’s house. I think I won out on that one because she was an only child and we could convince her parents to buy us any clothes or accessories we wanted. I’ve got all the Barbies, plus 2 convertibles and a Barbie Jeep in a huge toy chest in my basement right now.

When I was working on today’s theme – a million ideas started running through my head about what Barbie + Ken’s dream wedding would look like – it could be all out hot pink + black, retro with black and pink details, or it could be soft and beautiful with teals and light pinks.

I ended up going with the last version because it seems like the most practical/do-able/not over the top day. Plus, I’m basically obsessed with that color palette.

So while this theme may not be as over the top as Barbie’s real wedding would be, it still has those perfectly girly touches that I think she would include in her day.

Plus, Ken would look so good in gray and teal – just sayin’ ūüôā And for all the little girls that show up – there would be little pink tutus for them to take home, that would be too much fun.

You know where this wedding would take place?

Malibu. On the beach next her her Malibu beach house.. right?

Do you still have your Barbies? Where do you keep them? 

Links: 1.Vera Wang via Project Wedding  2. Elizabeth Messina 3. Style Me Pretty 4. Tied Photography 5. Martha Stewart Weddings 6. Martha Stewart Weddings  7. Magpie Paperworks 8. Shabby Apple  9. TomKat Studio

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Theme Thursday: A Woodland Wedding

| DIY, Inspiration, Theme, Vintage

Hello hello dears!

As I’m working on this theme it’s chilly and rainy outside and I’m finally feeling the first signs of fall setting in – I’ve got the shortbread cookie smelling candle burning and a fresh cup of coffee brewing and this theme seems almost perfect for this time of year.¬†

Maybe it’s the autumn colors or rustic feel that make this perfect for fall. Can’t put my finger on it, but I’m loving it.

How about those bridesmaid dresses? So different and lovely! And that ceremony location + decor is to die for. I love the garland altar and the pine needle garlands overhead!

Plus, that unfrosted cake is so gorgeous in its simplicity.

Rustic with the perfect amount of vintage… just my kinda wedding ūüôā

Would you host your wedding ceremony in a forest? Let me know in the comments – I’m interested to know!¬†

Happy Thursday dears!


Links: 1. This Love of Yours… Photography via Love and Lavender 2.Diamond Cake Photography via Ruffled  3. Fiona Kelly Photography via Bridal Musings 4. BHLDN 5. Stone Crandall Photography via Green Wedding Shoes 6.  Genevieve Renee Photographie  via Wedding Chicks 7.Sarah McKenzie Photography via Style Me Pretty 8. Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty 9. Bash, Please

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Theme Thursday: A Photographer’s Wedding

| Theme, Vintage, Wedding Ideas

When you love something so passionately, you tend to incorporate it into all aspects of your life, including your wedding.

With a profession like photography, you have the perfect motif for your wedding – I picture a dreamy, vintage, indie-style affair with fun but soft colors, retro cameras scattered throughout the decorations, boys in bowties and a gorgeous bride with long flowing hair and a gorgeous vintage style dress.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Other ways to incorporate cameras would be in the invites and the wedding photos. I love it!

P/S: If you’re looking for vintage cameras – I’ve got a few here¬†and some to rent – let me know!

Have you considered using vintage cameras in your wedding decorations? Share in the comments below.

Links: 1.Jose Villa 2. Krista Mason 3. Lovliest Day 4. Our Labor of Love 5. Raya Carlisle Photography   6. Finessence Photography  7.Tiffany Wayne Photography  8. Josselyn Peterson

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Theme Thursday: Apple Orchard

| Inspiration, Theme, Wedding Ideas

I’m not a ‘red’ sorta girl – I think I only have one article of red clothing and it’s a pair of jeans. Oh and plaid red flannel.

But there’s something about this red hued theme that I’m loving – maybe its because I love trips to Wisconsin with the husband to go apple picking, maybe its because I love homemade applesauce – but this vintage-y apple orchard wedding looks super fun.

Who cares about wedding cake when you can serve homemade mini pies to each guest?

Finish off the day with favor CDs wrapped in custom kraft CD sleeves. Lots of fun.

Images: 1.Noony Art  2. Rylan Perry 3. Harrison Studio 4. OnceWed 5. Tara Guerard 6. Megan Dandeles Photography 7. Megan Dandeles Photography 8. Free People Bldg 25 


Theme Thursday: Inspired by Shakespeare

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Happy Thursday!

I keeping along the Romeo and Juliet theme this week, so today’s theme is inspired by Shakespeare!

This wedding would be over the top luxurious + classy. With brass details, luscious florals and glamorous calligraphy, this wedding would be fit for a Capulet.

Pretty, don’t ya think?

Links: 1. Rebecca Arthurs Photography¬†2. BHLDN 3.¬†gerbear727‘s Photobucket 4. Melissa Hayes Photography¬†5. Announce This Design¬†6. Bliss Event Design 7. Bows and Arrows 8. Ruche 9. Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations¬†via¬†100 Layer Cake¬†10. Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations¬†via 100 Layer Cake¬†11.Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach

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Theme Thursday: School Spirit

| Inspiration, Theme, Vintage, Wedding Ideas

Happy Thursday Loves!

I’ve been dreaming of letter jackets and team pennants lately – I think it’s because there’s a nip in the air and all the kids are heading back to school. I can’t wait til I can hear the announcer + see the lights from the local football stadium in my small town, and the smell of late summer bonfires will be filling the evening air soon.

I love this time of year – I always got really excited to go back to school, I loved the smell of new schools supplies and blank white sheets of college ruled paper. That might make me a bit of a weirdo, I don’t care.

That’s why I’m so in love with this School Spirit wedding theme. It would be perfect for a couple of ¬†small town high school sweethearts, don’t you think?

I’d totally ride around on a school bus with my wedding party, just sayin..

Ah! I love this time of year!

Are you and your love high school sweethearts? I wanna hear about it in the comments!

Links: 1.Eric Lundgren Photography 2. She-N-He Photography and Design 3.  Jen Huang Photography. 4. paperandtype on Instagram 5. June Bug Company via Wedding Chicks 6.Pinterest 7.Home Barn Shop  8. Sara Wilde via Wedding Chicks 9. Dime Store Buddy 10. Jose Villa


Theme Thursday: A Woodsy Mountain Wedding

| Inspiration, Theme, Vintage, Wedding Ideas

Happy Thursday loves!

First of all, did you hear about my giveaway? An Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters or Free People gift card – your choice. Head over here to see how to enter.

3 years ago today, Justin and I hit the road for our Colorado roadtrip and it’s been a tradition ever since. We love the mountain air, the nature and the mountains themselves. So in honor of that, today’s theme is a woodsy mountain wedding.

You know how I say I would totally go back and redo my wedding to have a different theme? This is one of those themes – I’m obsessed. The turquoise, the wood details, the cute little details. Completely obsessed.

Don’t you just love it? That mini cake is too cute.

Have a gorgeous day, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Links: 1.Diamond Cake Photography via Ruffled 2. Tec Petaja via OnceWed 3. piajanebijkerk  4. Sean Flanigan via Ruffled  5. Audrey Hannah Photo 6. Anthropologie 7. via The Lane 8. Sean Flanigan via Ruffled 9. Elizabeth Perry


Theme Thursday: Fiesta!

| Inspiration, Theme, Wedding Ideas

It’s really sad to think that summer is winding down and fall will be here before we know it, so why not boost our spirits with a fiesta!

A fiesta themed wedding would be so much fun because the colors are bright + beautiful and there would most definitely be margaritas. And really, what’s better than margaritas?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I’m dying over those colorful succulents. Yes, please!

Have a happy Thursday!

Links: 1. Hostess with the Mostess 2. Southern Weddings 3. Green Wedding Shoes 4.Southern Weddings 5.Echo Letterpress 6. Victor C. Sizemore Photography 7.Aaron Delesie on Snippet and Ink 8. Joie Lala 9. Aida Coronado

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