Bride + Groom Chair Decorations

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I’ve been seeing it everywhere – super cute decorations on the bride and groom’s chairs at the head table! 

Decorating your chairs is a fun way to designate your spots and makes for some cute photos! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

 These are your run of the mill paper chains that you make at Christmas time. These are gorgeous, perfect for a rustic and vintage wedding! 

Photo by: Tonya Peterson Photography



 How perfect is this? Ribbons tied to the back of the bride and groom chairs at the head table would be perfect for any color palate and almost any style wedding. So adorable. Styling by Glitter and Rye,

Photo by Lindsay Hite and Jacqueline Schlossman of Readyluck, Found on Ruffled blog



I am obsessed with these coffee filter, cupcake liner and paper garlands! I did a quick DIY tutorial earlier in the month on how to make a garland similar to this. This though – perfection.

Photo by La Dolce Vita Studio



I love this idea for a fun and trendy wedding. Plus, it’s super easy to find these & signs – they are everywhere! You can get a plain wooden version at Michaels or Hobby Lobby and paint it with spraypaint, or you can find more polished, metal version of this at Restoration Hardware

Plus it makes for a super cute picture! Found on



For a more classic look, you can do something like this. I love the ivory and black together – it created such a polished look. One variation for a more trendy wedding would be to use mini chalk boards with colored chalk and hang them on the back of the chairs. So cute.

Photo by  Sarah E. Evans Photography. Found on Ruffled blog.



I love this idea for the entire head table. The bride and groom could have a different colored flower ball or something else to set them apart, but this looks so uniform and perfect. Again, the black with the ivory/peach color creates such an elegant look. 

Photo by Adam Barnes Photo. Found on Ruffled blog.



There are so many fun things you can do with the bride and groom chairs to create awesome photo opps and celebrate being the Mr. & Mrs. on your wedding day.  


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