Wedding Music Monday: The Tension and the Terror

Do you ever have those songs where as soon as you hear them, you’re instantly transported back to a certain place in time and you feel like you’re there all over again? That’s how I am with a few songs by Straylight Run, namely this one – The Tension and the Terror. I started listening to Straylight Run in the fall of 2004 when I first met my hubby. We would spend hours just laying in his bed (at his parents house, haha) listening to their music. Such beautiful, meaningful lyrics that totally make you wanna cuddle in bed for days with the one you love.

The Tension and the Terror | Oh, What Love Music Monday | Quad City Iowa Wedding Blog

That’s why I think this song would be perfect for your wedding playlist. First dance song or otherwise, the lyrics are so sweet and are just meant for two people deep in love.


Perfect, right? Take a listen here:

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