Wedding Music Monday: The Everglow

Today I’m sharing another throwback to the 2000s with Music Monday: The Everglow by Mae
Oh What Love Music Monday The Everglow by Mae
This was one of my favorites when I first started dating my husband. Such sweet lyrics make it perfect for your wedding playlist. I remember adding it to every mixed CD that I could at the time, and I even wanted to name a baby girl after the bane. For the record, Mae is a pretty cute name, right?

A few favorite lyrics from The Everglow

Here’s one of my favorite lines:
Oh What Love Music Monday The Everglow by Mae
If you haven’t heard the song, you can listen here:

Looking for more songs for your wedding playlist?


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  1. Wayfaring Wanderer February 8, 2016  4:54 pm Reply

    This isn't a song or band that I'm familiar with. Pretty sure I was listening to a lot of gangsta rap in early 2000. HA! ;-)

    Love the way you laid out this post and shared the lyrics. So pretty!


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