Theme Thursday: A 1950s Holiday Wedding

There’s something so wonderful about this time of year – the twinkle lights, the Shiny Brites and the chill in the air – it’s just short of perfection. I live for cozy nights cuddled inside watching movies and spending time with my love.

I find so much comfort in hearing the snow plows drive by late at night and peering out the windows seeing the glow of the Christmas lights on the freshly fallen snow. As I write this, the snow is swirling from the sky – the first snow of the season.

Today’s wedding theme celebrates the season – but in a retro way! A 1950’s Christmas wedding. I’m pretty much obsessed.



So. Much. Fun, right?

Don’t forget about the vintage Kodak Duaflex camera giveaway – I’ve extended the giveaway til tomorrow! See more details here.

Have a happy Thursday! xo!

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