Justin and I are gearing up for another remodel - this time we're going to break our huge bedroom and office down into 2 smaller bedrooms with a hallway and a huge walk-in closet (thank the Lord!), so I've been eyeing some details on Pinterest that I'd love to incorporate. Here's what I'm loving right now: A: Black, White and Wood: I love everything about that top left picture - and thos[...]
There are so so many blogs out there that I wish I had time to read every day, but it's just not possible. I'm trying to make an effort to read a little each week, but even that's hard! Too much going on over here. Today, I'm sharing a few of the blogs I'm loving right now: There you have it! The list of blogs I'm reading most often these days. Leave links[...]
Woo hoo - it's Friday! I hope you've got some fun things planned for this weekend - mine will actually be pretty quiet, thank goodness! I'm hoping to get my 11 mile run in,  get some photos taken of all of our bikes to get online, add some stuff to my Etsy shop and work on my new branding a bit more! Here are some of my favorite links from this week: DIY Hair Powder - definitely tryin[...]