Sorry for the Silence & Music Monday: I and Love and You

You guys, I’m back after a few weeks of silence here on the blog. To be honest, life has been SUPER busy and something had to take a back seat for a while.

You see, a few months ago I was evaluating my brand and how much pressure I was putting on blogging, which is something that makes me absolutely no money. I blog because I love sharing wedding ideas, but that’s not my main job. It supplements my wedding work. I put more focus on cranking out posts just to have them up when I should have been focusing on getting more bridal clients.

And what happens as soon as I switch focus? My inbox starts to overflow with brides who want to work with me, on top of all of my graphic design clients. And on top of all of that, we bought out 2 giant warehouses full of an antique shop owner’s 30 years of collections. They’re located an hour and a half away and the trips & loading up truckfuls full of antique goodies & unloading it all again each weekend has been exhausting.

PLUS I’ve got another big project in the works (something I’ve prayed for for a really long time), but I can’t spill the details on that just yet!

Needless to say, if you put your focus where it needs to be, everything works out. Taking a step back helped me see this, and I’m ready to get back into blogging. Hopefully on a daily basis because I love sharing wedding goodies with you, but if that doesn’t happen, I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

SO, on to today’s Music Monday, finally!
That woman she’s got eyes that shine
Like a pair of stolen polished dimes
She asked to dance I said it’s fine
I’ll see you in the morning time

I’d heard awesome things about the Avett Brothers, and then I heard this song and understood.
This would be wonderful for just about any portion of your wedding day, from walking down the aisle, to exiting the church to dancing to it as your first dance song. Or even the first song to set you off on your honeymoon roadtrip.
Listen to it here:

Have a lovely rest of your Monday!

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