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Theme Thursday: Blush

You know that perfect shade of peachy pink that reminds you of so many lovely things? Peonies in the springtime, that perfect hue of blush for your cheeks, the color of cotton candy... Today I'm sharing an inspiration board I put together for My Wedding Favors - and it's all about blush:     I picked out a fun color palette to match, and I share all of my ideas on how to pull [...]

More Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations!

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Picking out new fonts is one of my favorite parts of my week - I swear I check Creative Market once a day looking for my new favorite, and that's why I love picking out fonts for The Budget Savvy Bride. The best part about these fonts - they're all really inexpensive if you're looking for a fun way to DIY your own invitations. Here are the 5 I chose this month: [...]

Music Monday: Photograph

So you can keep me Inside the pocket Of your ripped jeans Holdin' me closer Till our eyes meet You won't ever be alone This song is dying to be the title track for a Nicolas Sparks movie, I swear. And I love it. Such a sweet tune for your wedding day. Listen here: Happy Monday, dear friends!

Theme Thursday: A Chambray Wedding

If you saw me on any given day, there's a good chance I'm wearing a chambray shirt. I can't get enough. So creating a whole theme around the blue hues was a no brainer. A few weeks back I shared a Chambray wedding theme over on the My Wedding Favors blog, and I really love how it came together.   Don't you love it? Lots of great details going on here. To see the rest of the po[...]
on April 14, 2015

Featured: The Meet Up Guide!

A few months back (who am I kidding, it's been close to a year now...) my lovely friend Ciera of Ciera Design reached out to me about contributing to an ebook she was putting together on how to successfully hold a series of local events. I was excited to contribute because I love planning and throwing parties, and I knew Ciera's vision for this thing was going to be great - she's an awesome[...]

Music Monday: No Man is an Island

I've been wandering the highway for days Caught up in drunken displays Love can be cruel But I'm not an island I've got you What a perfect song for a wedding. I love the lyrics & melody, it'd be perfect for your reception playlist! Haven't heard it in a while? Listen here: Happy Monday! Want more Music Monday posts?

Theme Thursday: A Green Wedding

A few weeks back I shared a lovely botanical wedding theme on the My Wedding Favors blog, and I really do love this one. You can't go wrong with green, and there are so many awesome ways to do up this theme.     How fun are those invitations? And think of all the ways you could decorate. I know what I'm dreaming about tonight.. Botanical Wedding Ideas, Green Wedding Ideas, Greenery[...]

More Fun Fonts for Your DIY Invitations!

Friends, March was a blur. We were out of town the first half, and the second half I feel like I split my time between feeding my growing little guy and trying to catch up on work. So that's my excuse as to why I haven't shared last month's guest post on The Budget Savvy Bride! I chose 5 more really fun fonts if you're going the DIY route with your wedding invitations. And the best part is - th[...]

Bridesmaid Bliss: Gowns from BHLDN

The long bridesmaid dress trend is stunning and seems to only be gaining in popularity, and I'm loving all the ways brides and their ladies are mixing and matching colors, textures and patterns when it comes to their gowns. BHLDN will forever be one of my favorite wedding shops, and they've got some stunning frocks for your lovely bridesmaids.     A great collection o[...]

Music Monday: Billion

That little crook in your teeth and your 5 inch feet When you tie your hair up in the bun Whatever the weather, we'll stick together forever 'Cause you're the only one Seven billion in the world baby I only wanna be with you I don't want another girl baby I only wanna be with you I don't have to tell you twice how much I love Mat Kearney - in fact I've talked about him quite a lot [...]
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