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on January 12, 2016

Five Fun Font Pairings for the Recently Engaged

If you're new here, you may not know that I write a monthly column on The Budget Savvy Bride sharing my favorite inexpensive font pairings for your wedding invitations, should you choose to DIY them instead of hire someone to do them for you. I have a wonderful time each month choosing the main fonts and pairing them with a complimentary font, and it often leads to me buying at least one new favor[...]
on January 11, 2016

Wedding Music Monday: The Tension and the Terror

Do you ever have those songs where as soon as you hear them, you're instantly transported back to a certain place in time and you feel like you're there all over again? That's how I am with a few songs by Straylight Run, namely this one - The Tension and the Terror. I started listening to Straylight Run in the fall of 2004 when I first met my hubby. We would spend hours just laying in his bed (at [...]
on January 8, 2016

The Mrs. Box | An Heirloom Quality Ring Box

Who knew that a vintage-inspired ring box would be the next big thing? There's a trend in the styling world to use gorgeous vintage-inspired ring boxes to display engagement rings in wedding photos, and I have fully jumped on the train. While I love real life vintage pieces, The Mrs. Box has created an heirloom quality keepsake ring box that looks as good (if not better!) than the real thing. And [...]
on January 7, 2016

Ring Round Up: 6 Vintage Inspired Stunners

Before I got engaged almost 8 years ago, while on the topic of marriage and I pointed a ring out to my boyfriend (now husband) that I liked. The next weekend he popped the question and presented me with the very ring I showed him. It's princess cut surrounded by tiny stones with stones down the side as well, so it has a slightly vintage feel to it. Had I known then how much I would love history[...]
on January 4, 2016

Wedding Music Monday: Tee Shirt

Happy New Year, my love! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, I took a much needed break from most work and am back on track designing & blogging. Today's wedding song is Tee Shirt by Birdy and it's a lovely tune for your reception playlist. It's from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and is so sweetly written - it would work very well for a first dance song or as the song you walk down t[...]
on December 17, 2015

A New Way to Dress Up Your Gift Card Giving

If you're like me, you love giving (and getting!) gift cards - I like knowing that I can buy someone their favorite coffee at Starbucks or the mug they've at Anthropologie but haven't told anyone about. What I don't love is those cardboard sleeves that come with them that most stores (with the exception of Anthro.. helloooo adorable gift cards!). We're fixing that problem today with a new [...]
on December 15, 2015

Downloadable Gift Tags!

It's been a few years since I designed downloadable gift tags, so I figured there is no time better than the present! This year I used some lovely elements from Bella Loves Letters to create these - her watercolor designs were perfect for these tags. How to Use The Downloadable Gift Tags To use the tags, click this link or any of the images and a page will download. Print them on heavy ca[...]
on December 14, 2015

Wedding Music Monday: Twenty Years

Yeah we drive through the farmland No one knows where we're from Could I kiss you and make you a queen? Or something in between Looking for a lovely first dance song? Twenty Years by Augustana is a lovely song for your wedding playlist. It's from quite a few years back, but it has a sweet tune and builds beautifully. If you haven't heard it, listen here:   Looking for more[...]
on December 11, 2015

Words to Live By from Henry Ford

Last year we watched a documentary on Henry Ford and became obsessed with him, so when I found this perfect quote from him, I knew I had to use it at Holden's Little Lumberjack first birthday party (pics coming soon!). I'm having 20 of these printed and will be giving a few away a little bit closer to Christmas, and then I'm going to have a letterpress plate made for this and start practici[...]
on December 10, 2015

Wedding Theme Thursday: A Playful Neon Wedding Day

Looking at doing something different for your wedding? Love bright colors? Go with a neon wedding day! I shared some fun ideas over on the My Wedding Favors blog a few weeks back, and while I'm more of a neutral colors girl, this theme was way fun and had me tempted to try out some neon in my every day - hence my neon pink sketchbook :) Bright and fun, right? Could you pull it off? Ma[...]
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