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on October 5, 2015

Wedding Music Monday: Amber

You live too far away your voice rings like a bell anyway don't give up your independence unless it feels so right Today's Wedding Music Monday is another throwback but it's one of those songs that you instantly remember all the words to once it comes on. It's Amber by 311 and it's perfect for your wedding playlist. Want more songs for your wedding playlist? Check out the Oh, W[...]
on October 2, 2015

Oh, What Love Studios Fall Favorites Giveaway!

October is here and it has me all excited for cooler weather, sweaters & beanies! In Iowa, it usually means 60 & 70 degree weather, football, crunching leaves and a random bout of snow somewhere in there. I love it! Because it's my favorite month, I thought I'd do an Oh, What Love Fall Favorites Giveaway! I'm giving away some of my favorite things:  - An Anthropologie Mini Capri [...]
on September 29, 2015

6 Gifts for your Coffee-Loving Bridesmaids

I couldn't pass up #nationalcoffeeday without sharing something coffee related, so today I've rounded up 6 fun gifts for your coffee-loving bridesmaids. 1. A coffee-filled gift basket: This adorable gift idea from TomKat Studio is the perfect mix of goodies for your bridesmaid who loves coffee. And if she doesn't love coffee, who needs her?! (Totally kidding.) No, but if she really doesn't [...]
on September 28, 2015

Wedding Music Monday: Dare You to Move

I dare you to move Like today never happened Today never happened before Okay, today's Music Monday is a little bit of a throwback, but it's a great song that has always been one of my favorites for your wedding playlist. Dare You to Move by Switchfoot was in the movie A Walk to Remember and I think it was everyone's favorite song for a while. I like this one because it's all about ste[...]
on September 24, 2015

Theme Thursday: A Chic Loft Wedding

Industrial spaces are venues I dream about, so I was drooling as I put this post together for the My Wedding Favors blog last week. These loft details are so intimate and personal - definitely something you can recreate in your own wedding day. Gold details, exposed brick walls and stone floors? Yes, please! See the full post, complete with the details and color palette here! Links: 1[...]
on September 22, 2015

Anthro Wedding Favorites

Anthropologie has so many wonderful departments and products that can go from every day to big events - like your wedding. From decor to details, Anthro has you covered on your wedding day. Here are some of my favorites right now: Brass & Glass Geometric Jewelry Boxes: I started collecting vintage versions of these a few years ago, and I love how they are making a comeback. They're t[...]
on September 22, 2015

Font Obsession: Feast from Great Lakes Lettering

I fell in love with a font last week: Feast by Great Lakes Lettering. As I was searching for fonts for my column on The Budget Savvy Bride, I came upon this one and knew I had to make it mine! Some calligraphy fonts look just like that - fonts. This one looks like someone jumped out of my screen and hand lettered my invitation suites right then and there. It has the perfect amount of flo[...]
on September 14, 2015

Music Monday: Wrap Your Arms Around Me

  So when I come undone at the seams My heart is on the floor for all to see Do that thing that I need   I'm a sucker for Nicolas Sparks movies and their soundtracks, so when Safe Haven came out I saw it twice in the theater and bought it when it came out. The soundtrack is amazing, and this song by Gareth Dunlop is one from the movie that I love.   It's a perfect song for [...]
on September 10, 2015

Theme Thursday: Autumn Wedding Details

There is something about the colors that come out in fall that I can't get enough of - deeper versions of summer hues and perfectly paired together for a cooler season. A moody autumn wedding is a reoccurring dream of mine, complete with deep purples and greens with shades of peach mixed in as well. I shared an autumn wedding theme over on the My Wedding Favors blog this week, the color pale[...]
on September 8, 2015

More Fun Fonts for Your Wedding Invitations!

When you're planning your wedding style & invitations, your font choice goes a long way. It sets the tone for your entire wedding & gives your guests an idea of what type of wedding they've been invited to. A whimsical, calligraphy font maybe means they'll walk into a gorgeous ballroom filled with florals. A fun brush font could mean cocktails & live music. A font can say quite a bit a[...]
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