OWL Baby: Nursery Planning

Now that baby is just a few months away from arriving, we’re finally getting the construction done on our home to make room for the new little one. The nursery is almost done, minus the shelving, trim and hardwood floor polishing. Then comes the fun part: Decorating.

Even though we don’t know what gender baby is yet (we’ve got a stubborn one in there!), we know for sure the nursery is going to have a mix of flea market and mid century modern styles, which is a bit different than our uber-masculine, industrial inspired home. Think lots of white and wood along with some awesome vintage touches. And there will definitely be a giant letter from a neon sign hanging on the wall – we’ve got the perfect cursive ‘V’ in storage if it’s a girl.

We’ve got one entire wall that will be built in shelving, so I’ve already started collecting the most amazing vintage things to add to the shelves – old travel typewriters, a globe and some vintage prints are already stashed away and ready when the shelves are installed.

There are 2 things I’m super excited about – the original hardwood floors in this room that we discovered a few months back (totally meant to be in my opinion) and an amazing brass hospital door number plaque I picked up at an antique shop that has a wheel you can spin to indicate whether baby is accepting visitors, sleeping, resting, etc. I couldn’t pass it up!

I’ve got a lovely Pinterest board going with all of our inspiration, but here are a few things I know for sure we’re going to include.



1. Neutrals, a Wardrobe (eventually) and a Letter. I just cannot get over this look for a little girl’s room. It mixes some fun different vintage styles, and I love that.

2. A ‘Be Brave’ Banner from Secret Holiday. Because I love these banners, and I think it’s the perfect mantra for a child. And then if they grow out of it, it’s the perfect mantra for me 🙂

3. An Adorable Wooden Camera from Twig Creative. I heard Twig Creative speak at Alt Summit last year and fell in love with their work, so I definitely want one of these for our little one!

4. An Eames Style Rocker: Maybe not the most comfortable rocker for a nursery, but we’ve got a great recliner just a few steps away in the living room, so we’re gonna go with it. There will also be a white faux fur rug for it – I know, totally cliche but I gotta have it!

5. Locker Baskets and Wooden Boxes for Storage: We’ve got an abundance of them, so I think they’ll be perfect for storing diapers, toys and shoes on the built in shelves.

6. A Leather Triangle Mobile from the Alison Show. Because I went to the party she hosted with Bing at Alt Summit and I gotta have one. What an amazing and upbeat human being!

7. A Jenny Lind Style Crib. They’re super affordable and have the vintage look we’re going for in baby’s room. Now to choose a color…

8. A Vintage Bassinet. I cannot find one like this one pictured and it’s driving me insane! I know I’d love it to be rattan and vintage, but if that doesn’t work out then maybe we’ll settle for this one at Target.

9. Again with the Wardrobe. Seriously though, as soon at the changing table is taken out of the room, a wardrobe is moving in. And if it’s a girl, I have my eye on the perfect vintage baby doll carriage. And those birdcages! I love everything about this setup.

I’ll definitely update the blog with actual pictures of the nursery once we make some progress, but I’m in love with the direction we’re headed with it!

If you’re a mama, what are your nursery must-haves? I gotta know! 



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