Oh, What Love: My Alt Summit Business Cards!

This post is so long overdue that it’s almost embarrassing! I’ve been meaning to share my business card redesign since last June when I went to Alt Summit,


I had a lot of fun getting the design and details figured out on these. I knew I wanted to incorporate some small takeaway – either a feather or arrow of some sort or a dreamcatcher.

After tons of searching, I found a shop on Etsy that sells little wooden feathers and bought bulk from her. I ended up painting them teal and white to match my branding and loved the end result.


I printed the cards on thick cotton cardstock and placed them, along with the feather tied with baker’s twine, in a square glassine envelope and sealed with some fun washi tape.


These are my favorite card design I’ve done yet, and they went over really well at Alt. They were featured here, here and here (among other places!) and I came home with just a few extras!

I wish I was sharing this post in preparation for Alt Summer next month, but with the little guy in tow I didn’t know how I could swing it. There’s always next year, right?


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