Oh, What Love DIY: A Lace Doily Wedding Invitation Sleeve

One of my most popular wedding invitation suites is my Dreamy Mountain Wedding invitation – complete with a lace doily wrap tied with baker’s twine. It has the perfect amount of lace detail to make it perfect for a rustic wedding, a bohemian wedding or a super feminine wedding, and I’ve been designing sets for brides all over the country!

Today I’m going to show you how you can make your own lace doily wrap in just a few simple steps.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Paper Lace Doilies – I use 10″ rounds when making 5 by 7 invitations
A Paper Cutter or a Ruler & Scissors
Twine or String

Here’s what you’ll do:
First, decide how much you’ll need to cut off of either side of the doily to make it straight on the top and bottom. For a 5 by 7 invitation, you’re going to need to cut 3 inches off to match the height of the 7″ side of the invite. That means, you’ll cut 1.5″ off either side of the doily.

Once you have the sides cut off, lay the doily out with the invitation placed directly in the center. The straight sides should line up with the top and bottom of the invite.

Next, fold each side in around the invitation and tie with twine or string!


There are lots of different places to source both the doilies and the twine, but my favorites on on Etsy.

I buy my doilies from either Prettie Parties or Random Truths, and baker’s twine is sold by tons of shops but I like to buy from Inspire Lovely.

Another fun idea? Try a colored doily instead of white! Such a simple yet impactful way to dress up your invitations, don’t you think?

How are you embellishing your invitations? Share in the comments!



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