Music Monday: Tell the World


All of the places we ever go
feel familiar, I’m never alone
All of the people that I don’t know
Will be looking me up when they call me home

This song is super fitting for today, I just had my last dog park visit with my lovely friend Mandy for a while. She’s the one who introduced me to this song, and this week she is going on her own great adventure into the world. We have so many fun memories of traveling to see our favorite bands and have had so much fun meeting our favorite musicians (and sneaking our way onto too many tour busses!). So many great memories were made with Mandy, and I know she’s going to do so wonderfully down in Tennessee.

And while this is an awesome song for inspiration and adventure, I think it would be a great song to play as you’re walking out of your ceremony or one to add to your reception playlist – its a great, upbeat dance song. 

Take a listen:

Makes you wanna go on an adventure, doesn’t it? Happy Monday friends!

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