More Fun Fonts for Your Wedding Invitations!

When you’re planning your wedding style & invitations, your font choice goes a long way. It sets the tone for your entire wedding & gives your guests an idea of what type of wedding they’ve been invited to. A whimsical, calligraphy font maybe means they’ll walk into a gorgeous ballroom filled with florals. A fun brush font could mean cocktails & live music. A font can say quite a bit about your wedding day.

If you’re looking for fun fonts for your day that aren’t going to break your budget, I’ve shared 5 more of my favorite font pairings over on The Budget Savvy Bride:



I can’t get over the Feast font – it’s definitely on my font want list!

Head on over to The Budget Savvy Bride to see all of the pairings & why I think they work well for your invitations.


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