Mix and Match Tarnished Silver Wedding Centerpieces

Don’t you love mix and match pieces? This weekend I’m styling a wedding for a friend, and we decided on mixing and matching elegant vintage silver pieces with brass and gold pieces and mercury glass. I’m going to do layers of doilies, silver trays and cake stands and mixed heights of silver, gold, glass and brass pieces – all of which are available for rent for your own wedding or party. You can find tarnished silver pieces everywhere where I’m from, so finding decor with an inexpensive price tag was pretty easy.

When I couldn’t find the exact pieces I wanted, I turned to Etsy. While these pieces have a little higher price tag than I would normally pay at my antique store or at a flea market, it’s worth it when you can purchase the exact piece you are looking for.

I scoured Etsy and found some fun silver pieces you can add to your collection.



And when it comes to holiday decorating with tarnished silver? So beautiful! The light bounces off the shiny parts and you get lots of shimmery goodness.

One other reason I’m excited for this weekend’s wedding: I get to be reunited with my best friend of about 25 years! We actually used to spend our summers babysitting the bride and her sister, so we’re excited to catch up and do some fun reminiscing.

If you want updates on this weekend’s design, I’ll surely be posting photos on Facebook and Instagram!

  1. Cafe Cha Cha 2. Found Here 3. Surrender Dorothy 4.Raw Revivals 5. Albert and Grace 6. Gypsy Road Market 7. Little Gray Studio


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  1. Linda December 7, 2015  12:13 pm Reply

    I just happened to come across your website while googling for something wedding related. I saw your logo and it drew me to your website. Such a pretty logo and website. P.S. I love all things vintage and rustic. :)


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