Mildly Obsessed: Owls.

Happy Tuesday dearies!

Up until a few years ago, I never gave a second thought to owls- they always kind of freaked me out.

That was, until I started Oh, What Love and the shortened version of that is OWL. I started to like them more and more, and now I’m loving them – and they’re popping up everywhere.

Anthropologie + West Elm are a few places I’ve seen them, and I think this Anthro owl wallpaper is my new favorite.

And that necklace with the owl, bow and leaves in it is absolutely amazing. I wannit!

Are you into the owl fad? Share in the comments!

Links: 1. Anthropologie 2. Bella Figura 3. hazelwoodphoto 4. Nine Photography via Oh, Lovely Day 5. Sarah Houston Couture via Wedding Chicks 6. Melissa Jill Photography via Ruffled  7.Joshua Caine via Hi Fi Weddings  8. skunkboycreatures 9. Anthropologie via My Owl Barn  10. Anthropologie

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