Mildly Obsessed: Milk Glass

It’s so funny how things work out – I write down my blog post topics months in advance, and it just so happens that the event I’m styling tomorrow night has the same theme as this week’s blog posts – milk glass and moss.

I used to think milk glass was over rated – we saw it at auctions all the time, but after collecting some pieces, I’ve really fallen in love with it. I love how mismatched pieces fit together so well, and I’m becoming more obsessed with the colored milk glass (especially teal!).

Need some convincing? These pictures are sure to turn you into a milk glass lover too:


My favorite style is a group of pieces clustered together with small blooms. Gorgeous, right?

Links: 1. Pobke Photography via Style Me Pretty 2. Highstreet Market 3. Martha Stewart 4. Style Me Pretty  5. Not On High Street 6. Loft Photographie via Southern Weddings Magazine

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