Love, Love, Love + An Attempt at Hand-Lettering

Did you know I own a few letterpress machines? I do. They remain unused though because I can’t seem to find a suitable design to have a plate made to actually print something. And that design I would love to hand-letter myself so I have something totally custom, but my hand-lettering pretty much sucks.

I’ve used this debacle as an excuse for 2 YEARS as the reason I haven’t fired up the letterpress machines yet, which is crazy. Learning letterpress is my life goal. But I just cannot seem to commit to a design.

So as a way to get my butt into gear, I’m bringing back my Wordy posts and an hand-lettering each of the lyrics. It might not happen each week, but I sure am going to try to work on my lettering so I can get to learnin’.

This week’s lettering? So so so terrible. But it’s an attempt and a starting point, so I’m sharing it anyway. I’m a work in progress!

These are lyrics from this week’s Music Monday: Avalanche City’s Love Love Love.


I’ll get better, I promise.

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