Goals are Good: My List for 2014


Each year, I set a new round of goals for myself and try to check each one off before the year ends. This year is all about focus for me – focusing on what I want my life to be like, focusing more on my marriage instead of work and focusing on the things that matter.

SO.. here are my list of goals this year:

– Spend less time online, spend more time working with my hands. I feel like I’m always connected, always online. This year I really need to work on being off my computer more and working with my hands more. Learning new things offline, and exploring new things.

– Research my letterpress machines and figure out what I need to do to get them working. This has been a running goal for me, but this year I really would like to focus on getting this done! Letterpress has always been a dream of mine.

– Relaunch my Anthropologie Inspired DIY Guide. I really wanted to get this done before Christmas, but it just wasn’t feasible. I want to work on it and make it everything I want it to be before I relaunch.

– Do more styled shoots. They take work, but decorating and shooting are two of my favorite things. I need to make more time for them.

– Work on my calligraphy. I signed up for some courses last year but never really practiced so I didn’t get any better.

– Get invitation suites up online. I get inquiries from all over country for invitations I’ve posted on my blog. I want to perfect those suites and get them up in my Etsy shop, and I want to design more suites. Invitation design is one of my favorite things, and I want to make time to work on more designs!

– Work on vintage rentals. In 2013 I started collecting different things to rent out for weddings and photo shoots, so this year I need to work on building that inventory and getting it up online. It’s one thing that melds my wedding business and my antique store, and the more the two can work together, the easier things will be!

What are some of your goals for 2014? Share in the comments!

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