Friday Favorites // Baby Love

Am I biased? Yes.

But I’m gonna go ahead and say I have one pretty darn cute babe. Sunday marks 3 months of life with him, and I can’t remember what life was like before him (okay, I can.. it was filled with free time, Netflix marathons and SLEEP).


Some milestones we’re dealing with: Smiles and almost laughs. Fist sucking like it’s his job. Following us with his eyes when we walk around the room. Cuddling hard. Petting anything he can get his hands on – except the pups. Spit bubbles. 0-3 month clothes and 10lbs of cuteness. Balding, but the bushiest baby eyebrows and the longest lashes ever. Instinctively moving his legs like he’s walking when we hold him up. Sitting propped up on the couch (he loves this!). Being very verbal when he wants something. First ear infection and cold. A favorite toy.  And us loving him more than we ever thought we could love something.

Sometimes I think that I’ve been doing this (changing diapers, dealing with late night feedings) forever, and then I remember he still has an entire lifetime ahead of him. Crazy stuff.

I don’t wanna overload the blog with baby, and I try not to go to crazy on Instagram either but when you have a baby you can’t get enough of, you just can’t help it.

Happy Friday, and I hope your weekend is filled with House of Cards binging!

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