For the Boys: Groom Attire

Is anyone else tired of grooms in tuxes? I know I sure am.

Your wedding day is a day to represent your true self and true personality – clothing included.

Here are some of my favorite trends in groom attire right now:

OWL-Groom-Attire-1 OWL-Groom-Attire-2

1. Hats: Love them – a fun way to spruce up the groom outfit. Image via. Dream French Wedding 

2. The Sweater + Tie: A little more casual, but still handsome enough for him to wear on the big day. Image via. Vincent’s

3. Casual Groomsmen, A More Formal Groom: I love that each guy is different, but the groom is wearing a suit and delicious skinny tie. Love this look.  Image via. Green Wedding Shoes

4. Suspenders: I love everything about this look! I think my hubby would go with this look if we could re-do our wedding day. Image via. Style Me Pretty 

5. His Whole Look: Can I just say YES? I love everything about his look. You? The jeans make him look dressed down, but for a casual affair it would be perfect.  Image via.Diary of Danny

6. Unique Detail: I love this pocket watch hanging out of his breast pocket. It’s different and fun. Image via. Style Me Pretty

7. Mixed Patterns: I love the mix of herringbone, gingham and the bandana, anyone else? Image via.Le Freres Jo

8. Colored Pants, Nerd Glasses: Because boys should be allowed to wear them too! Image via. Head Over Heels 


What are your favorite trends for grooms? Are you going the traditional route with a tux or trying something different? Share in the comments! 

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